Lauren Boebert Responds To Allegations That She’s A Former Escort Who’s Had Multiple Abortions: ‘Y’all Need Jesus’

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is staring down her late-June primary. Obviously, the stakes are high with the U.S. reeling from many woes (including gun violence and inflation), and American Muckrakers PAC, the same group that torched Madison Cawthorn’s reelection prospects in North Carolina, has vowed to unseat Boebert as well. In Cawthorn’s case, the group leaked damaging videos that sparked chaotic reactions from him, and that combo easily took him out. In Boebert’s case, she’s largely ignored all reports sourcing from the group, and yup, those reports have been a doozy.

Mind you, the PAC’s trickle has already followed existing word of Boebert’s ex-Shooter’s Grill airing grievances (including accusations of Boebert neglecting to pay them while allegedly splurging on luxury goods and breast implants). And the PAC stepped in with allegations that Boebert covered up a serious, injury-causing accident (that reportedly took place right ahead of her 2020 primary), as well as news of an existing fraud investigation into Boebert’s astronomical campaign write-offs.

The latest set of allegations surfaced on Tuesday and were a lot to stomach. Let’s just say that they included claims (which can be viewed in this tweeted screencap of a press release) that Boebert — who’s taken a staunch, anti-abortion stance (and a self-righteous one at that) — worked as a paid escort who’d had two abortions. It must be noted that these accusations were offered without proof, so they’re unsubstantiated, but there was also chatter about Ted Cruz somehow being involved (he’s been very publicly supportive of Boebert, to an oddly enthused degree), so a hefty dose of mind bleach was in order. And the whole mess would indicate Hypocrisy Gone Wild, if the escorting or abortion allegations turned out out to be true.

Well, Boebert is here to say that these allegations are not true. At least, she cryptically tweeted a “Fact Check: Not true” without mentioning what she was discussing, although it seems obvious what she’s thinking about here. She also added, “Y’all need Jesus!”

(UPDATE: A Boebert spokesperson, while responding to a Newsweek inquiry, called the escort/abortion story “totally false” while noting that the representative “is consulting her attorneys on next steps.”)

So, there you have it. Unless the American Muckrakers PAC surfaces with some, uh, visual proof (like they did with Cawthorn’s humping and drag-dress photos), the escort/abortion allegations might remain just that. The group does favor the trickle approach to releasing reports, however, so there may be more to come.

Meanwhile, Boebert’s GOP challenger, State Senator Don Coram, hopes to unseat her during the June 28 primary.