The Jokes Are Flying After Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals She’s Written A Book

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a middle aged person who had to be taught about the Holocaust. She’s bought a conspiracy theory summed up as “Jewish space lasers.” And yet guess what? She’s also now an author. On Tuesday, the MAGA lawmaker announced the pending release of her memoir, entitled, simply, MTG. It’s not out for another two months, but advance word is already uninspiring.

In an interview with The Washington Examiner, Greene described her tome as her chance to hell her side of her life story, saying, “Some of it is setting the record straight.” It remains rto be seen whether it will include her version of how she harassed future colleagues, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as survivors of school gun massacres.

Whatever the case, news of a book by someone leading the clown car impeachment of Joe Biden inspired lots and lots of jokes on social media.

It’s not clear how Greene found time in her busy schedule to pound out a book, but perhaps she wrote it during the two years when she was barred from House committees thanks to her chaotic antics. Perhaps it will even be a nice book, befitting her recent call for “etiquette and respect” in Congress, despite being someone who heckles presidents.

(Via HuffPost)