Jimmy Kimmel Intensified His Feud With ‘Desperate For Attention’ Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel’s feud reached new heights this week. The late-night host produced a photoshopped nightmare of a naked dude (with Cruz’s face) riding a hot dog. Ted called Jimmy “obsessed” while continuing to obsess over a video of “Me kicking his ass at hoops.” No one looks mature here, although it must be noted that Kimmel’s an entertainer, so dragging current events is part of the game, and Ted’s a sitting senator who should have been attempting to avert a government shutdown on Thursday.

However, Ted spent time tweeting at Jimmy while also threatening to rally GOP lawmakers and shut down the government over “pissant” Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate (he also flipped over a Biden joke). Well, this whole round of feuding began earlier this week when Kimmel accused Ted of trying to “scare old people” by vilifying Dr. Fauci (which Ted and Tucker Carlson truly have been attempting to do). And so, Kimmel addressed the subject again (around the 2:30 mark above) while slamming “desperate” Ted for ridiculously tweeting at a late-night show when he should be, you know, working:

“Biden said he spoke to Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, and he believes that there won’t be a shutdown unless somebody decides to be erratic, and by somebody, he means Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas. #HotDogTeddy, he seems to be desperate for attention again. Ted Cruz and I had an interesting back-and-forth today. Last night I posted a very nice picture of him naked, sitting on a hot dog on Twitter. This morning, he took time away from holding the government hostage to tweet… So I wrote back because it’s the polite thing to do.”

Yep, Kimmel continued this mess because, on his behalf, it’s almost obligatory. So, he tweeted the hot dog photo again (while noting that Ted suggested that it was Jimmy’s hot dog) and added, “Dearest Ted, what a strange erotic fantasy you turned this into… I’ll see you in Cancun. #HotDogTeddy.”

Then came a half-hearted, non-discouragement about how Ted doesn’t want that photo tweeted, and “He doesn’t have time for nonsense like this. He’s busy trying to shut the country down, okay?”

On Friday morning, Ted could not miss another opportunity to tweet a basketball gif. I’m surprised this one didn’t come with an elbow shot because that’s how Cruz rolls.