‘WandaVision’ Has Finally Gotten The Unholy Ted Cruz-Imitator Version That It So Richly Does Not Deserve

On last week’s edition of WandaVision, viewers learned that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes has really been “Agatha All Along.” This was news that managed to stun even though it wasn’t a huge surprise, which is also kind-of the case for Ted Cruz’s behavior last week. Was anyone really surprised that he was unwise (and selfish) enough to jet off for an ill-advised Cancun vacation while millions of Texans froze during a catastrophic, mega-power outage? Nope. Even news that he left his dog Snowflake, at home in a freezing house wasn’t a total shocker, even if he didn’t kill Sparky like Agatha did. Well, comedian John Walsh is here to join the two forces of evil in one terrible-good combo.

Walsh appears As-Ted-As-Agatha in this parody video called, “Ted Cruz All Along.” You may never be able to unsee this.

One has to admire the effort that went into this. Purple fog, the splicing of footage showing Cruz at the airport and heading home toward angry constituents while wearing a Texas-flag mask; and the bottled-water photo op. Overall, Ted has had a disastrous past several days, and he doesn’t really seem to care? He’s been busy lashing out over a neighbor leaking his wife’s texts about the vacation and playing with his phone during testimony about the U.S. Capitol riot that he helped to incite. Ted Cruz is definitely a villain, though he’s not nearly as super as Agatha. I look forward to the sequel!

(Via John Walsh on Twitter)