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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 11/12/14 and 11/19/14: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By | 3 Comments

Two weeks of Impact jammed into one! Is it too much Impact for one person to handle? ...almost!


British Boot Camp 2, Episode 4 Recap: Anyways, Here’s Wonderwall

By | 8 Comments

Matches! This week has real wrestling matches! And one of them includes Grado!

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Finally Announced Their New Network Television Deal

By | 25 Comments

Impact Wrestling finally has a new home. Will this be a real TNA TURNING POINT for the company?

#Impact Wrestling

Ethan Carter III Has Been Sidelined By Injury, And Sadly It’s Not Just A Bruised Ego

By | 11 Comments

Uh oh! Looks like Ethan Carter III's bicep is in trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble.


Rut Roh Brother, Scooby-Doo WrestleMania Mystery Is Getting A Sequel Starring Hulk Hogan

By | 9 Comments

'Scooby-Doo WrestleMania Mystery!' is getting a sequel starring Hulk Hogan. Yes, we hope he plays the old man at the amusement park.s


Jim Ross Is Returning To Wrestling To Call New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 9

By | 21 Comments

The iconic voice of Good Ol' JR will be heard on a pro wrestling pay-per-view once again.


Global Force Wrestling Teased Another Announcement And Forgot To Remember Remembrance Day

By | 11 Comments

Global Force Wrestling teased a big announcement at 11 on 11/11, completely forgetting to remember Remembrance Day.


Lance Storm Thinks Madusa Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame, And He’s Totally Right

By | 21 Comments

Lance Storm thinks she deserves serious Hall of Fame consideration, and he's totally right.

#Impact Wrestling

The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 10/29/14 and 11/5/14: I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

By | 26 Comments

This week we double up on reports. Is four hours of Impact Wrestling too much for one human? Yes. Yes it is.


The Internet Says Stephanie McMahon Is Pregnant, So Let’s All Jump To Conclusions

By | 44 Comments

Is Stephanie McMahon being written off television to have a another little Helmsley-McMahon? The internet sure seems to think so.


TNA British Boot Camp 2, Episode 3 Recap: The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Grado

By | 5 Comments

This week we're in London, home of mustachioed gentleman, wife-beating butchers, and a certified H-O-S-S.


Global Force Wrestling Announces A Major Thing They’ve Kind Of Already Announced

By | 13 Comments

After much teasing, Global Force Wrestling reveals...a thing we kind of already knew about.


The With Spandex Halloween Round-Up: Our Favourite Wrestling Fan Costumes Of 2014

By | 28 Comments

Did you dress up for Halloween? These wrestling fans did, and it ruled.

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UPROXX Live Q&A With Impact Wrestling’s Rockstar Spud

By | 177 Comments

Impact Wrestling's Rockstar Spud will be stopping by at 1PM EST to answer your questions in a live UPROXX Q&A.


TNA British Boot Camp Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Starting Today, You Are A Wrestler!

By | 6 Comments

A mute bull-man luchador, a nordic warrior, and a real life Zangief. Manchester wrestling, you've got some real diversity.

live q a

TNA Impact Wrestling’s Favourite Brit Rockstar Spud Will Be Here On Thursday For An UPROXX Live Q&A

By | 12 Comments

Join us Thursday, October 30th at 1:00PM ET for Live UPROXX Q&A with Impact Wrestling Superstar Rockstar Spud.


The Boston Bruins Dressed As ‘Frozen’ Characters To Visit Sick Kids, Because Hockey Is Amazing

By | 8 Comments

Tough guy hockey players in dopey costumes making sick children happy? Yeah, man. It's real and it's awesome.

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Randy Orton Has Signed On To Star In A New Film. Vintage Orton!

By | 17 Comments

Randy Orton signed on for another WWE sequel film, and sadly no, it's not called 12 Round Marines.


WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 Results

By | 55 Comments

Your quick, dirty, and editorial-free WWE Hell In A Cell 2014 results.

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