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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling Destination X 7/31/14: Destinate Harder

By | 18 Comments

A night of X-Division matches, and championship title defense, and more stuff that has nothing to do with the X-Division.

the thread count

The Thread Count: A Fashionable History of Wrestling’s Law And Order

By | 56 Comments

This week, our dedicated pro wrestling fashion column looks at pro wrestling's best cops, criminals and lawyers.

ricardo rodriguez

Damas y Caballeros! Ricardo Rodriguez Has Been Released From WWE

By | 22 Comments

Ricardo Rodriguez announces release from his WWE contract via Twitter.


Heads Up, TNA Impact Wrestling Is Now Available For Sale Or Trade On Craigslist

By | 12 Comments

Grab your wallets, 'cuz TNA could be yours at a very, very, extremely low price.

#impact wrestling

The Truth About Impact Wrestling’s Cancellation And What It Means For The Future Of TNA

By | 40 Comments

Impact Wrestling has been canceled. Here's the straight, non-dirt sheets explanation why, and what TNA needs to do going forward.

freddie prinze jr

Everything You (And Kiefer Sutherland) Need To Know About Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Time In The WWE

By | 6 Comments

Today you might be asking, "wait, Freddie Prinze Jr. was in WWE?" Here's what you (and Kiefer Sutherland) need to know.

#impact wrestling

Impact Wrestling Cancelled By Spike TV

By | 105 Comments

It finally happened - Impact Wrestling has been cancelled.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 7/24/14: E-C-SCHLUB! E-C-SCHLUB!

By | 12 Comments

Legends of puro, legends of hardcore, and the legend of a dude who once punted a baby because wrestling.

wwe studios

WWE Released Trailers for ‘See No Evil 2′ And ‘Leprechaun Origins’ During SDCC

By | 9 Comments

WWE debuts two trailers for original horror productions while promoting the films at San Diego Comic Con.


The World Is Not Enough: A Chikara Road Diary

By | 44 Comments

Chikara's The World Is Not Enough is in the books, and Danielle Matheson shares the journey that led her to witness a Thunderfrog's death.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 7/10/14: Just Be Roy

By | 15 Comments

Two weeks of Impact jammed into one! Do titles change hands? Does Danielle Have a nervous breakdown? Probably!


The Thread Count: A Fashionable History of Wrestling Hillbillies

By | 48 Comments

In the debut edition of With Spandex's pro wrestling fashion magazine, Danielle Matheson analyzes the history of wrestling hillbillies.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 6/26/14: Save A Horse, Chide A Cowboy

By | 13 Comments

This week on Impact Wrestling: Earl! Our new best friend's name is Earl (Sullivan Armstrong)!


How I Set Out To Recap A Chikara Show And Wrote An Invitation To Independent Wrestling Instead

By | 81 Comments

Danielle Matheson went to the Detroit return of Chikara intending to recap it, but wrote an invitation to indie wrestling instead.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 6/19/14: Right In The Dreamers

By | 24 Comments

Look at this show, treasures untold. How many men yelling can one television show hold? Spoiler alert: too much.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 6/12/14: The Three-Count of Monte Cristo

By | 13 Comments

This week on Impact, we're rewarded for our faithful years of watching by being told to FORGET EVERYTHING WE EVER SAW.


The Best And Worst of Impact Wrestling 5/6/14: The American Don Wests

By | 18 Comments

This week on Impact Wrestling: friends become enemies, enemies stay enemies, and somebody bleeds their own blood.


The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 5/29/14: Table for Six

By | 19 Comments

The Best and Worst of TNA Impact Wrestling for May 29, 2014, featuring ... well, the stuff that happens on Impact. Bram, I think?

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