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WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results

By | 163 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Royal Rumble results.


Adjust Your Royal Rumble Predictions Because The Rock Is In Philadelphia

By | 71 Comments

The Rock is in Philly, meaning it's time to start wildly speculating.


Justin Gabriel Has Reportedly Left WWE

By | 38 Comments

Was there only room for one wolf guy in the company? Apparently so.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Royal Rumble Winner Disappointed You The Most?

By | 121 Comments

Are you still mad about something that happened 25 years ago? No, just me? Okay, cool.


What Jeff Gordon’s Retirement Means To A Life-Long Hater

By | 9 Comments

Jeff Gordon is retiring, so now it's time to contemplate my own mortality.

#Impact Wrestling

That Cheerleader Will Ferrell Knocked Out Is The TNA Knockouts Champion, Because Cheerleading Is A Work

By | 23 Comments

Will Farrell nailed the Knockouts Champ in the face with a basketball. If he hits Gail Kim with a football, is he the #1 Contender?


Triple H Is The New Voice Of The Incredible Hulk Because Spider-Man Is A Lazy Millenial

By | 13 Comments

Triple H gets to play the Incredible Hulk,and yell at Hank Pym for being a B+ player or something.

Daniel Bryan

If You Didn’t Miss Daniel Bryan Enough, Here Are His Thoughts On Brass Rings and NXT

By | 37 Comments

Daniel Bryan doesn't give a hoot about your brass ring. Never leave us again, please.


SmackDown Will Air On Wednesdays In Canada For The Most Canadian Reason Ever

By | 19 Comments

Starting this week Canada will get SmackDown one day before America. Hoverboards are scheduled for next week.


Cameron Is Here To Show You Her New Music Video And Make You Feel Sad And Stuff

By | 33 Comments

Cameron has a new single, and it's the opposite of whatever the bomb dot com is supposed to mean.


WWE Wants To Remove All Instances Of CM Punk From Their Comics’ History

By | 14 Comments

CM Punk is set to be scrubbed from any future reprints of WWE Superstars in an attempt to also scrub him from our hearts.


Would You Like To Start 2015 By Looking At A Disgusting Hockey Injury? Of Course You Would.

By | 5 Comments

This Philadelphia Flyers defenceman got his neck sliced open last night and it's way, way gross.


Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Has Been Hospitalized

By | 42 Comments

What do Jerry Lawler and Brock Lesnar have in common besides constantly being draped in gold? Diverticulitis, apparently.


Chris Jericho Is Moderating A Pre-Royal Rumble Monday Night Wars Debate In A Dave & Busters

By | 8 Comments

Chris Jericho will moderate a debate on the Monday Night Wars in an actual Dave & Busters because the Nineties will never die.

#Impact Wrestling

Dixie Carter Thinks Vince McMahon’s Views Are Incomprehensible, Because It Takes One To Know One

By | 20 Comments

Dixie Carter tried to promote the move to Destination America by proving she might not actually know what happens on her own show.


Let’s Watch Sheamus Grant A Make-A-Wish Because We Haven’t Cried Over Wrestling Enough

By | 5 Comments

Here's a video of Sheamus granting a Make-A-Wish for a boy with brain cancer because wrestling does real good things sometimes.


WWE Raw Results 12/29/14

By | 51 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for December 29th, 2014.


Kevin Nash Will Miss Raw Reunion For Beating Up His Son On Christmas Eve

By | 19 Comments

WWE is putting the big hurt on Big Sexy by not letting him come back to play with his friends on Raw.

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