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Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Is Coming Back To WWE In A Way Nobody Wants

By | 13 Comments

What does it take to get that beardy beloved dude full of kicks back on WWE programming? Not a thing anyone wants, apparently!


Brock Lesnar Is Returning To WWE, And The Surprise Has Already Been Ruined

By | 25 Comments

We now know Brock Lesnar's return is imminent thanks to the advertising for upcoming WWE host venues.


WWE Has Confirmed Rusev’s Injury Heading Into Elimination Chamber

By | 24 Comments

WWE confirms that Rusev is injured, and may already have a back-up if he can't wrestle on Sunday.


How Pro Wrestler Rey Mysterio Is Helping One Little Boy In His Fight Against A Brain Tumor

By | 16 Comments

This former WWE wrestler is lending his support to a young Canadian to help him through his radiation treatments.


Want To See Hideo Itami’s Gross Shoulder? Of Course You Do.

By | 15 Comments

NXT's Hideo Itami is out for 6-8 months, and this photo totally makes you understand why.

#Impact Wrestling

Destination America Is Bringing Ring Of Honor To The Same Night As Impact Wrestling

By | 43 Comments

Destination America is bringing ROH to Wednesday nights, giving us further doubts about the future of Impact Wrestling.


Get To Know Pro Wrestler Darren Young In This New Mini-Documentary

By | 11 Comments

Darren Young reflects on his experience of coming out while in the WWE, and introduces us to his mom in this new mini-documentary.


Get Your Shirt Together, Guys: Why WWE’s Pulled Merchandise Shouldn’t Have Been Made In The First Place

By | 153 Comments

Imperialism? Domestic Abuse? These WWE shirts have been pulled, but the controversial designs shouldn't have made it to print in the first place.


David Spade Thinks Ronda Rousey In WWE Is ‘A Step Backwards’

By | 31 Comments

Who better to weigh in on Ronda Rousey reappearing in WWE other than...wait, David Spade?

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Is Hitting Back At Cancellation Rumors

By | 19 Comments

TNA hasn't outright denied the Impact Wrestling cancellation rumours, however they're going to try to make sure they don't continue being spread.

#David Letterman

David Letterman, Andy Kaufman, And The Interview That Changed Pro Wrestling In Popular Culture

By | 16 Comments

In 1982, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and forever changed pro wrestling in popular culture.

#Impact Wrestling

Destination America Has Reportedly Canceled TNA Impact Wrestling

By | 71 Comments

Unconfirmed reports are now coming out that Destination America has canceled Impact Wrestling.


After Denying It, Former WWE Diva Sunny Is Reportedly Close To A Six-Figure Porn Deal

By | 40 Comments

According to Vivid Entertainment, Tammy Sytch is close to signing a substantial adult film deal.


A Wresting Legend And Rob Corddry Join The Mountain Goats For Their New Video

By | 6 Comments

The Mountains Goats transport us back to the glory days of territory wrestling, and take Rob Corddry along for the ride.


The Undertaker, Sting, And Hulk Hogan Will Appear On The WWE Network Stone Cold Podcast

By | 9 Comments

The WWE Network has committed to at least a few months worth of shows, and are trotting out some big names to make sure you tune in.


Scott Hall Was Escorted From A Wrestling Show For Allegedly Being Too Drunk

By | 12 Comments

In sad news, it looks like Scott Hall got himself in trouble yet again.


Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Returning To The WWE Network To Interview Paul Heyman

By | 28 Comments

The WWE-Steve Austin feud appears to be over, as the Stone Cold Podcast will return to the WWE network.

#Impact Wrestling

Billy Corgan Tried To Promote TNA By Burying Everything That Happened Before He Got There

By | 34 Comments

What better way to endear yourself to your new employer than by telling them they've basically always been awful?


Global Force Wrestling Revealed More Of Their Talent Roster… Sort Of

By | 29 Comments

What better way to advertise some cool indie talents and former WWE wrestlers than by not saying their names whatsoever?

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