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Global Force Wrestling Revealed Their Roster, And It’s As Disappointing As You Think It Is

By | 20 Comments

What International wrestling superstars will be joining Global Force? Well, uhhh...these guys sure do wrestle for a living, yes.


Chris Jericho Is Coming Back To WWE This Summer, And Here’s Where You Can See Him

By | 20 Comments

Chris Jericho will be coming back to WWE, but only for a limited time. Like Code Red Mountain Dew, or...the last time he came back.


WWE’s Goldust Will Be Sidelined Due To Shoulder Surgery

By | 7 Comments

Everyone's favourite wrestling weirdo will have a much better reason to be off of TV for the next few months than he's been given by WWE...um, maybe ever.

vince mcmahon

Is Vince McMahon Going Blind? The Internet Seems To Think So.

By | 31 Comments

According to one Reddit user's observations, Vince McMahon's actual vision may be narrower than his vision for wrestling's future.


Pro Wrestler Adrian Neville Makes This Courageous 11-Year-Old Boy’s Day

By | 11 Comments

This cool as heck little kid saved his family from a home invasion, then had the best reaction to meeting his favourite wrestler you could possibly have.


The With Spandex Interview: The Miz And Summer Rae Talk ‘The Marine 4,’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers And Filipino Knife Fights

By | 15 Comments

We sit down with The Miz and Summer Rae to talk 'The Marine 4: Moving Target,' giving Divas a chance and King Joffrey.

mayweather vs pacquiao

WWE Superstars Gave Their Predictions For The Winner Of The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

By | 2 Comments

Who do the top purveyors of fake fighting have coming out on top between these two real fighters?


NXT’s Enzo and Big Cass Made Friends With A Toilet Paper Brand Because Wrestling Is Weird

By | 21 Comments

Cottonelle made friends with Enzo and Big Cass because wrestling is amazing, and you can't teach that.


Watch The First Glorious Video For EC3’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship Campaign

By | 17 Comments

Ethan Carter III wants to be the next TNA Heavyweight Champion, and based on this video they should probably just let him.

WWE Tough Enough

Move Over, Everyone Else: Supercop Dick Justice Is Your New Favorite Tough Enough Contestant

By | 19 Comments

Think you've seen the best Tough Enough submission videos out there? Well think again, because Supercop Dick Justice is here to save WWE, and maybe America as well.


Let’s All Grab Some Tissues And Look At Pictures Of The Dismantled Lucha Underground Temple

By | 19 Comments

Some Redditors decided to stop by the Temple on the way to a baseball game and OH NO WHAT IS HAPPENING

Verne Gagne

Legendary Promoter And Pioneer Of Professional Wrestling Verne Gagne Has Passed Away

By | 18 Comments

According to various reports, the legendary Verne Gagne has died at the age of 89 years old.


WWE Raw Results 4/27/15

By | 31 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for April 27, 2015.


Former Pro Wrestler A.J. Lee Wants To Encourage More Girls To Join The Gaming Industry

By | 61 Comments

Former WWE Diva and video game nerd extraordinaire AJ wants to get more girls into the gaming and STEM industries by offering them a scholarship opportunity.

billy corgan

The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Will Now Be In Charge Of Writing Impact Wrestling

By | 40 Comments

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman will try his hand at writing and producing the weekly episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling. Yes, this is real.


To The Surprise Of No One, Vince Russo Publicly Made A Horrible, Transphobic Joke About Bruce Jenner

By | 79 Comments

Vince Russo had exactly the reaction you think he would to Bruce Jenner's transition.

san antonio spurs

WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Wants To Get You Hype For The San Antonio Spurs

By | 7 Comments

Shawn Michaels intro-ed the Spurs' playoff game on Sunday, and the video is the most Texan thing you'll see today.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Do You Most Want To See Compete In A WWE Ring?

By | 84 Comments

For many, seeing Sting wrestling in a WWE ring was an incredible and surreal experience.


Ric Flair Thinks His Daughter Charlotte Should Wrestle Ronda Rousey

By | 24 Comments

Wrestling legend Ric Flair is frustrated with the level his daughter is wrestling at, and thinks she should proceed straight to the final boss.


Watch This Junior Hockey Player Serve Up The Worst Shootout Goal Attempt We’ve Ever Seen

By | 4 Comments

What do you do when your team needs you to lead them to a shootout victory? Uhhh...not this.

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