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The Big Show Finally Admitted He And Brock Lesnar Didn’t ‘Break The Ring’

By | 17 Comments

Big Show finally admits he's been lying about one of the most memorable spots in wrestling for over a decade.


Watch WWE And Roman Reigns Fulfill The Dream Of A Man Dying Of Cancer

By | 2 Comments

Need a reminder that wrestling is great and can do great things? Meet Kenneth Fulcher.

#The Rock

The Rock Took A Selfie Video During His WWE Surprise Appearance, And It’s Absolutely Wonderful

By | 5 Comments

The Rock took a selfie video of him showing up at a WWE live show, and the crowd is BANANAS.

#The Rock

The Rock Showed Up In Boston To Make A Surprise WWE Appearance

By | 20 Comments

Watch a WWE live crowd absolutely lose their minds over a surprise appearance from The Rock.


TNA Rejected Vince Russo’s Offer To Work For Them For Free

By | 14 Comments

Vince Russo offered his services to TNA free of charge, and even they turned him down.


Goldust’s Horror Movie ‘Meet Me There’ Is Finally Available To Purchase

By | 22 Comments

'Meet Me There' is finally available for purchase so you can see what we've been raving about for the last year.

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Here’s What Happens When You Film A Wrestling Match Like A Movie Fight Scene

By | 13 Comments

'Weekend Warriors' fills your wrestling with tense music and slick angles. But does it work?


WWE Raw Results 6/22/15

By | 27 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for June 22, 2015.

#Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Parted Ways With Two Wrestlers In One Weekend

By | 9 Comments

So long, Gunner and Sam Shaw. Thanks for all of the incredibly weird and uncomfortable TNA memories.


Watch Former WWE Wrestler Justin Gabriel Cut A Promo After Jumping Out Of A Plane

By | 2 Comments

Justin Gabriel put the DARE in DAREDEVIL WEREWOLF GIMMICK by cutting a promo while skydiving.


Watch WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal Come Out With Ken Shamrock At Bellator 138

By | 7 Comments

Road Warrior Animal walked out as Ken Shamrock's second, and it was a million times better than Shamrock's Bellator fight.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Is Your Favourite Pro Wrestling Dad?

By | 22 Comments

Hapy Father's Day! Let's talk about our favourite pro wrestling dads and all of the wonderful/incredibly appalling things they've done.


The Strange Pro Wrestling History Of The Great Muta And His Sumo-Sized Egg Baby

By | 14 Comments

Just in time for Father's Day, it's the strange tale of The Great Muta and his weird pro wrestling family.


Watch Hundreds Of Amazing Little Leaguers Pay Tribute To A Fallen Teammate


Want to let a bunch of amazing little kids make you feel a whole lot better about the world? Watch this.


Watch The Chicago Blackhawks Award A Championship Belt To A Very Special Recipient

By | 9 Comments

The Stanley Cup Celebrations in Chicago took an emotional turn when Kris Versteeg had to choose the most valuable player from Game 6.


Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Trial Is Already Making History

By | 23 Comments

Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media is set to be one of the raunchiest game-changing trials ever.

#2015 NBA Finals

How WWE’s Seth Rollins Helped The Golden State Warriors Win An NBA Championship

By | 14 Comments

Seth Rollins said LeBron wasn't bringing a title back to Cleveland, and by gum he was right.


Lucha Underground Could Win An Emmy If There’s Still Good Left In This World

By | 38 Comments

Lucha Underground could become a 2015 Emmy nominee if the Academy likes their reality shows to have real life dragons.


Former WWE Wrestler Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Took TMZ To Task Over A Released 911 Call

By | 19 Comments

X-Pac had a hell of a lot more than two words for TMZ after releasing the audio of Dusty Rhodes' 911 call.

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