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Seth Rollins Brought The Fight To Jon Stewart By Crashing ‘The Daily Show’

By | 22 Comments

Here's what happened on the Daily Show when Seth Rollins decided Jon Stewart didn't need a Moment of Zen.


Spike Is In Talks To Get Back In The Wrestling Game With Ring Of Honor

By | 32 Comments

Spike is in talks to bring ROH to Friday nights, and running the rumour mill so fast it could power a small town for a week.


Rey Mysterio’s Time With WWE Is Officially Over

By | 36 Comments

The contract hostage-holding of everyone's favourite diminutive WWE masked man is finally over.


Ex-TNA Star Samoa Joe Is Returning To Ring Of Honor

By | 14 Comments

Samoa Joe has left TNA, and is returning to what made everybody love him in the first place.


A WWE Developmental Wrestler Saved A Florida Woman From A Car Wreck

By | 10 Comments

NXT wrestler Solomon Crowe risked his life to save a stranger, and didn't even do it with his iPad.


#GiveDivasAChance Is Still Trending, So What Happens Now?

By | 113 Comments

AJ Lee, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon all weighed in on #GiveDivasAChance. We're listening.


WWE Network Is Expanding In Canada, While Restricting Customers In America

By | 19 Comments

WWE Network shows expansions in Canada while adding more restrictions for their US subscribers.


A Huge Breakthrough In Brain Injury Testing, And What It Could Mean For Pro Sports

By | 19 Comments

Testing for CTE while athletes are still living could dramatically change how sports organizations deal with head injuries.


WWE Raw Results 2/23/15

By | 65 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for February 23, 2015.

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Watch This Japanese Wrestler Forget That Wrestling Is Fake (Or Don’t, It’s Really Gross)

By | 75 Comments

Here's what happens when a wrestler forgets that they're not supposed to punch for real.


Don’t Worry, Guys. The Undertaker Looks Just Fine Heading Into WrestleMania.

By | 13 Comments

The Undertaker looks good enough to have found his way out of that airport and into a WrestleMania match.


Ex-WWE Star Chyna Posted A Bizarre Twerking Video ‘For Her Fans’

By | 33 Comments

Here's Chyna falling off a wall while attempting to twerk. You know...for fans.

#Pro Wrestling

Watch This Soccer Player Get Mad And Suplex His Opponent WWE-Style

By | 15 Comments

Tackle. Suplex. Argue that it should be called 'football' universally. Repeat.


WWE Released A Statement Denying CM Punk’s Allegations Backed By This Carefully Crafted Video Of Butts

By | 54 Comments

WWE issued a statement countering CM Punk's claims that contained a very important butt montage.


NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch Allegedly Smashed His Girlfriend’s Head Into The Side Of His Motor Home

By | 6 Comments

A Delaware court found that Sprint Cup driver Kurt Busch has committed an act of domestic violence against his girlfriend, Pamela Driscoll.


Sami Zayn Rules, And Other Not So Surprising Results From The RSPW Awards

By | 47 Comments

Sami Zayn has the best everything, and according to the internet we're cooler than Steve Austin. Best year ever? Best year ever!


Wendy’s Sick Burn On Zack Ryder Is Brand Interactivity Done Right

By | 11 Comments

Wendy's starts some fresh, never frozen Twitter beef with the sad purple man from Long Island.


Seth Rollins To Jon Stewart: ‘He Knows Where To Find Me!’

By | 11 Comments

One thing Jon Stewart needs to remember: you poke a guy who does CrossFit, and he'll remind you he does CrossFit.

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