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Mike’s Client On Last Night’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Used To Be A Fake ‘Yo-Yo Master’

By | 3 Comments

Mike's client on last night's 'Better Call Saul,' played by Mark Proksch, has an amazing viral history on the internet.


Kristen Schaal Farted On Will Forte During Their ‘Last Man On Earth’ Sex Scene

By | 7 Comments

Yes, Kristen Schaal really did eat all those canned beans while filming 'Last Man On Earth.'

bob odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk Can Make You A Perfect Cinnabon, Thanks To ‘Better Call Saul’


Bob Odenkirk really did have to learn how to make Cinnabon for 'Better Call Saul.'


The Cookeville, Tenn. Police Department Website Looks Like It Was Designed By Michael Bay

By | 2 Comments

This official police department website is hilariously over the top, as if it were designed by Michael Bay himself.


You Might Be Able To Get McDonald’s Breakfast All Day Long In The Future

By | 15 Comments

McDonald's breakfast menu has always ended at 10:30 a.m., but now that might be a thing of the past!


Jenny McCarthy Claims That ‘The View’ Has Already Asked Her To Come Back

By | 6 Comments

Did the producers of 'The View' really ask Jenny McCarthy to come back? That's what she's saying, anyway.

the price is right

Watch An 84-Year-Old Woman Sink A Putt To Win A New Car On ‘The Price Is Right’

By | 2 Comments

This lady just won herself a brand new $16,000 car by sinking a mini putt hole in one.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Woman Poop Right On The Floor Of A Busy Turkish Hospital

By | 12 Comments

So gross! This woman takes a dump on the floor with about a dozen people standing right around the corner.

trevor noah

Who Is Trevor Noah? Everything You Need To Know About The Next Host Of ‘The Daily Show.’

By | 34 Comments

Everything you need to know about Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show.


Hannibal Buress Brilliantly Rips A Heckler: ‘You, Sir, Are A Social Terrorist’

By | 6 Comments

Hannibal Buress made fun of a heckler who interrupted a show last week for three full minutes.

#The Daily Show

Trevor Noah Has Officially Been Named New Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

By | 63 Comments

Comedy Central has confirmed reports that Trevor Noah is going to be succeeding Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show.'


Tommy Chong Made A Bizarre Spoof Of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commercials

By | 5 Comments

Tommy Chong is spoofing Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ads to sell an anti-smoke odor product. OKAY!


Daniel Tosh Asked His Twitter Followers To Roast Him, And They Did NOT Disappoint

By | 27 Comments

Daniel Tosh, who is pretty much the easiest target ever, asked his Twitter followers to roast him.


Ricky Gervais’ ‘Derek’ Is Coming Back With A One-Hour Netflix Special

By | 14 Comments

Derek is getting a final, hour-long send off debuting on Netflix on April 3rd.


This Woman Lost Her Damn Mind And Screamed ‘Suck My Dick’ At A Taco Bell Drive Thru

By | 10 Comments

This lady was not so cool with having to wait an extra few minutes for her Taco Bell drive thru order.


This Husky And Its Owner Can’t Stop Arguing Over A Stolen Potato Skin

By | 14 Comments

This man and his husky have a seriously heated discussion when a potato skin disappeared off of his plate.

jason jones

‘The Daily Show’ Pays Tribute To Departing Correspondent Jason Jones

By | 6 Comments

Last night was Jason Jones last night on 'The Daily Show.' Let's look back on some of his greatest moments.

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