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A Rare African Tortoise Named ‘Thing’ Is Being Held For Ransom In Florida


What kind of monster would kidnap someone's tortoise and hold it for ransom? Oh right: Florida.


Neil Patrick Harris Is Finally Making His Demented ‘American Horror Story’ Appearance

By | 2 Comments

It looks like the next 'American Horror Story' with the addition of Neil Patrick Harris is about to get all sorts of exciting.


Watch This Australian Man Try To Coax A Bread-Eating Brushtail Possum Out Of His Kitchen


What would you do if you came across a bread-stealing Brushtail Possum in your kitchen in the middle of the night?

oculus rift

Here’s Why Masturbating In A Virtual Reality Headset While Your Girlfriend’s On Her Way Over Is A Bad Idea

By | 6 Comments

This Oculus Rift masturbation story is why the future and everything in it is terrible.

chris rock

Chris Rock Says ‘The Interview’ Will Definitely Be Released At Some Point

By | 5 Comments

Chris Rock thinks common sense will prevail and that eventually we'll all get to see 'The Interview.'

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Is Engaged To That Dude From Good Charlotte

By | 5 Comments

Congrats to Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, who are engaged after a seven month whirlwind romance.

the colbert report

The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To Stephen Colbert Ending His Run On ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 6 Comments

There was an outpouring of sentiment on Twitter last night as Stephen Colbert said goodbye to 'The Colbert Report.'

#Parks And Recreation

Nick Offerman Pulled A Sneaky Stunt To Get The Last Line In The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Finale

By | 2 Comments

Nick Offerman discusses 'making the saddest oatmeal' in his pants on the final say of shooting on 'Parks and Recreation.'

#American Horror Story

The Most WTF Moments From Last Night’s ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

By | 7 Comments

What happened on last night's Pepper-centric episode of 'American Horror Story?'

#Jimmy Kimmel

Can You Guess Whether These Screaming Children Are Terrified Of A Flu Shot Or Santa’s Lap?


Jimmy Kimmel asks his audience to identify the source of terror in the faces of these screaming children.


Hannibal Buress Gave John Mulaney The Perfect Advice For Performing In Philly

By | 13 Comments

John Mulaney is performing in Philly tonight. He asked fellow comedian Hannibal Buress if he had any pointers.

#The Interview

The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To News Of ‘The Interview’ Being Canceled

By | 48 Comments

In the wake of Sony's cancellation of 'The Interview,' celebrities are PISSED.


Lady Gaga Recalls The Valuable Advice She Got From A 65-Year-Old Stripper

By | 3 Comments

Lady Gaga discussed that time she got some valuable advice from an aging stripper while visiting 'The Tonight Show.'


Meet The Naked Man Who Went On A Pot-Smoking, Poop-Smearing Spree Inside A Philadelphia Police Station

By | 2 Comments

A Philadelphia-area man walked into a police station, lit up a joint and then did some naked poop artistry once taken into custody.

#American Horror Story

Tonight’s ‘American Horror Story’ Will Finally Delve Into Pepper’s Tragic Backstory

By | 4 Comments

'American Horror Story' is going to give us Pepper's backstory tonight you you might want to have a box of tissues on hand.


Watch Conan Disappoint ‘Ellen’ Audience Members Who Were Expecting Free Gifts


An 'Ellen' audience member learns the hard way she's not going to get any free stuff from being in 'Conan's' audience.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Will Reprise His Old ‘Ferris Bueller’ Role On ‘The Goldbergs’

By | 14 Comments

Charlie Sheen is doing something legitimately really cool for once, so we're giving him credit where credit's due.


Did Joey Fatone Just Confirm Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Pregnancy To The Media?

By | 5 Comments

We have a feeling Justin Timberlake might not have wanted Joey Fatone to tell everyone about his unborn baby.


Stephen Collins Has Confessed To The Sexual Abuse Of Three Underage Girls Between 1973 And 1994

By | 17 Comments

Stephen Collins is going to set the record straight when it comes to three incidents of sexually abusing underage girls.

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