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Katy Perry’s Sad Cheetos Costume Looks Like Anything But A Cheeto

By | 14 Comments

This costume, Katy Perry -- it does not look like what you think it looks like.


This Florida Hero Was Arrested Wearing An Uncannily Literal Monopoly T-Shirt

By | 2 Comments

A 20-year-old Florida man was arrested while wearing a Monopoly 'Go Directly to Jail' T-shirt.


Taylor Swift’s Halloween Costume Might Be The Most Taylor Swift Thing Ever

By | 9 Comments

Taylor Swift dressed up as a unicorn with wings for Halloween, because of course she did.


Ken Marino’s Kids Are Now Running Around Saying ‘I Wanna Dip My Balls In It’

By | 7 Comments

Ken Marino will never, ever escape his character of 'Louie' from 'The State.'

halloween costumes

This Weatherman Just Won Halloween With His Green-Screened Skeleton Costume

By | 3 Comments

This Louisville, Kentucky weatherman used the green screen to his advantage to come up with this hilarious skeleton costume.

Lindsay Lohan

Insane Report: Lindsay Lohan And Tom Cruise Are Dating

By | 15 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise dating? Well, they may be twenty-four years apart but they do look the same age.


Chelsea Handler Is Bravely Using Her Boobs To Fight Instagram’s Tyrannical Sexism

By | 23 Comments

Chelsea Handler wants attention again so she's posting her boobs on Instagram.

donnie wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg Was Making Out With Groupies Left And Right Before He Met Jenny McCarthy

By | 2 Comments

YUCK. According to Joey McIntyre, 40-something Donnie Wahlberg was still making out with groupies right before he got with Jenny McCarthy.

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham Dressed As Elsa From ‘Frozen’ To Sell Sex Toys Molded From Her Genitals

By | 28 Comments

Farrah Abraham dressed as our child's favorite Disney princess to promote her new line of sex toys.

#American Horror Story

All Of The WTF Moments In ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show,’ Edward Mordrake (Part 2)

By | 20 Comments

Pour one out for the first major character death on this week's episode of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show.'

#Fox News

Male Fox News Hosts Try, Fail To Wrap Their Heads Around The Viral Catcalling Experiment

By | 30 Comments

Since no one misunderstand women's issues like Fox News hosts, please allow 'The Five' to explain the catcalling video for everyone.

#American Horror Story

Lily Rabe Will Be Reprising Her ‘Sister Mary Eunice’ Character On ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

By | 8 Comments

This marks the second time a character will reprise their role in the 'American Horror Story' universe.


Please Allow Taylor Swift To Demonstrate The Kinds Of Sounds Her Cats Make

By | 2 Comments

Oh, just fill your entire apartment with cats already, Taylor Swift. We all know you want to.


Neil Patrick Harris Is Officially Joining ‘American Horror Story’ Along With Husband David Burtka

By | 9 Comments

Yessssss, our prayers have been answered and Neil Patrick Harris is coming on board later this season on 'American Horror Story.'

#Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler, Andy Richter, And Others Explain Pay Inequality With This Adorable ‘My Little Pony’ Spoof

By | 3 Comments

In this Adam McKay-directed animated short, some of our favorite comedians attempt to explain wealth distribution.


This Dad Realized He’s Been Raising His Adopted, College-Bound Son In The Wrong Culture His Entire Life

By | 36 Comments

For your consideration, we submit to you this story of a dad who got his son's ethnicity totally wrong.


Hello Kitty Was Arrested On Drunk Driving Charges. Happy Halloween, Everybody!

By | 2 Comments

Maine police arrested an intoxicated woman dressed like Hello Kitty driving on the wrong side of the street this past weekend.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Watch Delicate Flower Jake Gyllenhaal Get The Living Sh*t Scared Out Of Him On The ‘Ellen’ Show

By | 2 Comments

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on 'Ellen' to talk about his new movie 'Nightcrawler' and ended up the butt of a scary prank.


A Bible-Wielding Bro Lost His Sh*t After Being Told He Couldn’t Hold The Door For In-N-Out Customers

By | 28 Comments

This dude would probably feel a lot better if he just sat down and enjoyed himself an animal-style burger with fries and a milkshake.


A Man Was Cleared Of Bestiality Charges After His ‘Tiger Porn’ Turned Out To Be Some Guy In A Tiger Costume

By | 5 Comments

British authorities were able to distinguish a man dressed up as a tiger from a real one thanks to a popular cereal jingle.

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