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#American Horror Story

The Most WTF Moments From Last Night’s ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

By | 7 Comments

Spoiler alert: this week's 'American Horror Story' did not fail to bring the WTF moments.


This Job Applicant Who Stabbed His Potential Boss During An Interview Did Not Get The Job

By | 15 Comments

Here's a pretty solid how to guide on how to NEVER land the job of your dreams.

Internet Hoaxes

The ‘Drunk Girl’ In The ‘Drunk Girl In Public’ Video Also Claims She Was Duped

By | 2 Comments

Jennifer Box, the 24-year-old actress from the 'drunk girl in public' hoax video, has come forward to apologize for her involvement.

At Midnight

The Cast Of ‘Reno 911′ Competed On ‘@Midnight’ In Full Character

By | 4 Comments

The cast of 'Reno 911' reunited on '@midnight' in full character last night, and it was glorious.

Internet Hoaxes

A ‘Drunk Girl Walking Around’ Hoax Video Duped A Bunch Of Guys Into Acting Like Sexual Predators

By | 18 Comments

Dude. These guys getting duped into basically acting like a bunch of rapists is SO messed up.


Stressed Out People Were Given A Chance To Decompress With ‘Kitten Therapy’

By | 2 Comments

We don't know about you, but kitten therapy seems like a kind of therapy almost anyone could get down with.


Watch Hannibal Buress’s Hilariously Mean Review Of A Pennsylvania Restaurant


Hannibal Buress was not impressed with the food or service at a rural Pennsylvania bar and restaurant.


Roy Handler, Chelsea Handler’s Brother, Is Not A Fan Of Her Nude Photos

By | 9 Comments

Chelsea Handler's own brother is imploring her to please put some damn clothes on.

#American Horror Story

The Most WTF Moments From Last Night’s ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

By | 7 Comments

Last night's 'American Horror Story Freak Show' saw a few near deaths but overall the casualty rate remained a zero.


You Can All Quit With The Kim Kardashian Photoshops Because This Homer Simpson One Just Dropped The Mic

By | 22 Comments

Everyone just go home, because no other Kim Kardashian-'Paste' magazine Photoshops will top this.

too many cooks

This ‘Too Many Cooks’ Parody With Kittens Is The Dumbest And Most Hilarious Thing You’ll See All Day

By | 6 Comments

Of course someone has already created a 'Too Many Cooks' parody featuring kittens. OF COURSE.

niecy nash

Niecy Nash From ‘Reno 911′ On Marriage: ‘A BJ A Day Keeps The Divorce Attorney Away’

By | 20 Comments

Niecy Nash has some, uh, interesting opinions on how oral sex can save your marriage.


A Pregnant Woman Begging For Money In San Diego Was Seen Driving Off In A Mercedes-Benz

By | 18 Comments

Something is definitely not right with this story of a pregnant woman begging for money with her son outside of a shopping center.


Charlie Hunnam Says Doing ‘Fifty Shades’ After ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Would Have Been A ‘F*ing Disaster’

By | 8 Comments

Most people were pretty surprised that Charlie Hunnam dropped out of 'Fifty Shades' but his reasoning makes a lot of sense.


Chelsea Handler Posts Her Bare Ass On Instagram Because Something Something Kardashian

By | 10 Comments

Chelsea Handler is making a point about Instagram or Kim Kardashian's Photoshopped butt or something, who knows.

nancy grace

Here’s The Story Behind The Falsely Accused ‘Selfie Stalker’ Who Is Suing Nancy Grace For Defamation

By | 23 Comments

Nancy Grace may be in hot water after calling a man who had been cleared of any wrongdoing a 'selfie stalker.'

#Anderson Cooper

Watch Anderson Cooper’s Staff Shame Him On-Air For His ‘Grandma’s House’-Scented Candle

By | 4 Comments

Anderson Cooper thought he was doing a segment on annoying coworker habits and it was actually his staff leading him to slaughter.

Black Friday 2014

People Are Already Lining Up For Thanksgiving Day Sales

By | 19 Comments

Two California women started camping out outside of a Best Buy three entire weeks before Thanksgiving.

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