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Weekend TV Preview: More ‘Simpsons,’ Puppies And A Jay Leno Car Special

By | 12 Comments

It's Labor Day weekend, so you're going to be sh*t out of luck if you're looking for something good to watch on TV.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s White Guy Persona Named Todd Is Inexplicably Promoting ‘White Guys Connect’

By | 20 Comments

We don't know what his angle is, but Snoop Dogg has been dressing up like a white guy promoting something called 'white guys connect.'


Let’s Remember That Time Stephanie Tanner Called Kimmy Gibbler A Whore On ‘Full House’

By | 38 Comments

It's the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend and like you, we've run out of f*cks to give.

Allison Tolman

Allison Tolman Is Going To Appear On The Upcoming Season Of ‘The Mindy Project’

By | 8 Comments

Allison Tolman is going to appear on 'The Mindy Project' as a romantic interest to Adam Pally's character. We approve.


This Pennsylvania Church Billboard Proclaims That ‘God Loves Sex’

By | 4 Comments

A Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania church wants you to know: God knows you're f*cking and he's totes cool with it.


Someone Came Up With A Bunch Of Literal Netflix Descriptions Based On Series Posters

By | 5 Comments

What if someone were to write Netflix descriptions based on nothing but the series image?

#Parks And Recreation

Everybody’s Favorite Former Supermodel Is Coming Back To ‘Parks And Recreation’

By | 15 Comments

From the looks of this behind the scenes photo, Jerry Gergich is still an insanely lucky guy.


Retta’s Seat Filler Enemy Has Spoken Out, But He’s Not Helping His Case

By | 42 Comments

The seat filler Retta had booted at the Emmys has revealed himself and he's predictably a giant douchebag.


Today Is Brought To You By This Giant Ice Dildo At Someone’s Wedding

By | 6 Comments

We're guessing the happy couple was not thrilled with this ice sculpture they ordered for their wedding.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Let’s Officially Retire The Ice Bucket Challenge With These 50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


Let's all watch the 50 best celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges and get it out of our systems for once and for all.


Joan Rivers Is In Critical Condition After She Stopped Breathing During Surgery

By | 37 Comments

Everyone think positive thoughts, because Joan Rivers is in critical condition after she stopped breathing during a routine surgery.

#Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Actually Raised A Sh*t Ton Of Money With Her VMA Charity Stunt

By | 7 Comments

Well, on the plus side of Miley Cyrus' homeless not homeless scandal, at least she raised a whole bunch of money.

#American Horror Story

The Latest ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Teaser Spotlights A Three-Legged Woman


Do you get freaked out by women with three-legs swinging around on some kind of trapeze swing?


Watch This Terrifying Lightning Bolt Strike Right Next To A Person Filming A Rainbow

By | 4 Comments

Here's your latest reminder that mother nature will whup your ass every time.

#The Simpsons

This Cute, Illustrated Infographic Details The Primary Theme Of Every ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever

By | 2 Comments

Ever wonder how many episodes of 'The Simpsons' was about Krusty the Clown? This infographic is here to help!

#Arrested Development

A Complete History Of Every ‘Peanuts’ Reference On ‘Arrested Development’

By | 16 Comments

It's summer and there's not a whole lot going on TV-wise, so let's revisit all of those great 'Peanuts' moments on 'Arrested Development.'


Nobody Interrupt This Guy Singing Creed’s ‘Higher,’ Because He’s Totally In His Zone Right Now

By | 10 Comments

Just a man with his sunglasses and computer and the lyrics to Creed's 'Higher.'


Totally Random Couple Alert: Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Are Now Dating

By | 12 Comments

Congratulations, Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen, you are now officially the weirdest celebrity pairing ever.

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