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Adam Richman Posed With In-N-Out Burgers To Prove He’s Not A Vegan Anymore

By | 15 Comments

Adam Richman took to Twitter to prove to everybody that he's definitely not still vegan.


This Norwegian Underwear Ad Features A Very NSFW Closeup Of Actual Men’s Balls

By | 4 Comments

A Norwegian men's underwear company, Comfyballs, is fighting the US Patent Office to get their product available in the states.


Two Roommates Allegedly Got Into A Stabbing Fight Over Which Is Better, iPhone Or Android

By | 6 Comments

Sure, people have a strong allegiance as to what kind of mobile device they prefer, but is it worth stabbing your friend?


This Little Boy Who Hasn’t Gotten K’s Down Yet Adorably Asks If He Can ‘Pet The Titties’

By | 5 Comments

When you're a toddler, the sounds that a 'K' and 'T' make might as well be the same thing.


Ben & Jerry’s Is Coming Out With An Ice Cream Burrito Just In Time For Weed Day

By | 2 Comments

Ben & Jerry’s is releasing an ice cream burrito called 'Brrr-itos' and the timing could not be more perfect.


This Boyfriend’s Over The Top ‘Prom Proposal’ Doesn’t Exactly Go As Planned

By | 33 Comments

A boyfriend planned an elaborate prom proposals for his girlfriend only to have it backfire right in his face.

#The Daily Show

‘The Daily Show’ Celebrated The Dumbest Stories Of The Year With The 2015 ‘Mercun Awards


If we can't at least celebrate American stupidity, then what else are we going to do about it?


Watch This Furious Silverback Gorilla Smash The Glass At The Omaha Zoo (UPDATE)

By | 28 Comments

A family was watching the gorillas at the Omaha Zoo when one became enraged and charged the glass, cracking it.


Maury Povich Reveals The Most Memorable Thing That’s Ever Happened On ‘Maury’

By | 4 Comments

What was the most shocking thing that's ever happened on 'Maury?' So shocking that it's actually happened twice!

bed bugs

A Man Set Both Himself And His Rental Car On Fire Attempting To Kill Bed Bugs

By | 4 Comments

This guy was so paranoid of bed bugs he accidentally set his damn car on fire.


This British Couple Was Caught Boning In The Middle Of A Park In Broad Daylight

By | 10 Comments

British office workers watched and filmed as a couple got it on for 30 minutes in a nearby park.


A Teenage Girl Claims She Was Banned From School For Being ‘Too Ginger’

By | 16 Comments

Is this high school discriminating against one of their students or do they have a point?


This Florida Man Allegedly Had Sex With A Tree Before Stabbing A Cop With His Own Badge

By | 32 Comments

A new synthetic drug called 'flakka' was allegedly responsible for this Florida man's insane crime spree.

terry crews

Here Is Terry Crews Singing ‘The Golden Girls’ Theme Song To Betty White

By | 5 Comments

Well, this is adorable: Watch Terry Crews sing 'Thank You For Being a Friend' to Betty White.

schitt's creek

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is The Funniest Television Show You’re Not Watching

By | 18 Comments

'Schitt's Creek,' starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, is hilarious yet not many people are watching. Here's why that should change.

cancer awareness

A College Student Will Run The London Marathon Dressed Like A Pair Of Testicles

By | 5 Comments

There's a good cause behind this 22-year-old college student running the London Marathon dressed like a pair of testicles.

#Orange Is The New Black

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Has Already Been Renewed For Season 4


Two months ahead of the premiere of Season 3, Netlifx has announced Season 4 of 'Orange is the New Black.'


A Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her Husband Because His Poop Smelled Too Bad

By | 4 Comments

A 29-year-old woman from Japan just couldn't take the foul odor her husband left behind in the bathroom.

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