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A Male Stripper Taught A Bunch Of Doofy Morning Show Hosts To Dance Like ‘Magic Mike’


A local Chicago talk show put their male co-hosts in the hands of one of Chicago's finest male exotic dancers.


This Hermaphroditic Flatworm Stabs Itself With A Needle-Tipped Dick To Reproduce


The Macrostomum hystrix flatworm will ambivalently stab itself with its own needle-tipped penis wherever is most convenient to reproduce.

donald trump

A Latin Brewery Is Pulling Beer From One Of Trump’s Restaurants And Renaming It ‘F*ck Your Hair’

By | 8 Comments

The Latin craft brewery 5 Rabbit Cerveceria has ended a partnership with Chicago's Trump Tower restaurant Rebar.

donald trump

The ‘Reelz’ Network Has Stepped In To Air Donald Trump’s ‘Miss USA’ Pageant

By | 5 Comments

It sounds like Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant might not be dead in the water after all, thanks to the 'Reelz' network.


Jimmy Kimmel And Carson Kressley Gave The World’s Ugliest Dog A Makeover


Jimmy Kimmel points out that no one wants to be the "world's ugliest" anything, so he treated the World's Ugliest Dog to a makeover.

cat videos

Enjoy Watching This Cat Smugly Ruin Its Owner’s Yoga Video


In the end remember that no ones cares less about your self-recorded yoga videos than your cat.


Meet The Woman Who Supposedly Has The Most Perfect Butt In America

By | 24 Comments

Natasha Wagner is a 34-year-old model who has been helping denim companies craft the ideal fit for their jeans for the past 12 years.


‘Melrose Place’ Will Be The Next Series To Get The Lifetime Tell-All Treatment


'The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story' will be Lifetime's 4th tell-all based on a '90s television series.

#True Detective

‘True Detective’ Costars Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Are Allegedly Dating

By | 14 Comments

'Multiple sources' have confirmed that McAdams and Kitsch are an item after having become close on the set of 'True Detective.'


Kim Kardashian Thinks That Whole O.J. Simpson Murder Situation Was ‘Weird’

By | 26 Comments

In a new 'Rolling Stone' interview, Kim Kardashian thought O.J. didn't do it and still acts like she wasn't the one to leak her sex tape.

donald trump

Macy’s Is Now Pulling Donald Trump Merchandise Over His Offensive Remarks

By | 3 Comments

Macy's made the announcement this morning after a MoveOn Petition collected over 700,000 signatures.

erotic produce

Erotic Produce Is All The Rage In Barcelona Right Now


Flower stands in Barcelona have resorted to selling seeds for erotic fruits and vegetables after a ban on tourist souvenirs.


Rob Corddry Had A Giant Crush On Kelly Ripa As A Teenager


Rob Corddry confessed to fervently watching Kelly Ripa on an '80s dance party show as a teenage boy.

#Jim Carrey

The Internet’s Best Reactions To Jim Carrey’s Twitter Rant About Mandatory Vaccinations

By | 43 Comments

Jim Carrey had some strong and logic-flawed opinions about vaccinations and, as usual, the internet had some fun with it.

#Key And Peele

‘Key & Peele’ Presents The Most Uncomfortable Guy At A Gay Marriage Town Hall Meeting

By | 2 Comments

This hilarious new sketch from 'Key & Peele' discomfort of the one guy the camera keeps panning on.


Violence Erupted During A Confederate Flag Protest Outside Of The South Carolina Statehouse

By | 63 Comments

Tensions are rising to dangerous levels as a bloody brawl erupted outside of the South Carolina Statehouse Monday evening.


Letting A ‘Playboy’ Playmate Fly Your Plane Is A Bad Idea, As These Pilots Learned The Hard Way

By | 2 Comments

Two Argentinian pilots are in hot water after letting Playboy Playmate Viky Xipolitakis in the cockpit of a flight out of Buenos Aires.

#Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Revealed How She Landed The Gig With Madonna, Who She Still Hasn’t Met

By | 5 Comments

Amy Schumer discussed how she came to land the gig with Madonna, who does not typically have comedians open for her.

bojack horseman

The Booze-Soaked ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 2 Official Trailer Is Finally Here

By | 6 Comments

In Season 2 of 'Bojack Horseman' our favorite alcoholic horse will land a romantic interest voiced by Lisa Kudrow.

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Found That Kids Don’t Actually Have A Hard Time With Gay Marriage

By | 8 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel sent out a street team to query random children about gay marriage to see just how difficult of a concept it is for them.

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