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#American Horror Story

Evan Peters Is Officially Returning For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

By | 13 Comments

Evan Peters is checking into 'Room 64' of 'American Horror Story: Hotel.' What does it all mean??

#Chris Pratt

This Answer From Chris Pratt’s AMA Is Definitive Proof That He And Andy Dwyer Are The Same Person

By | 5 Comments

During a Reddit AMA promoting 'Jurassic World,' Chris Pratt inadvertently proved that he is Andy Dwyer.


Taco Bell Is Releasing Their Hottest Sauce Yet, The ‘Diablo’

By | 6 Comments

Taco Bell is unveiling a brand new hot sauce on Cinco de Mayo which they claim will be their spiciest ever.


People Of Reddit Reveal The Most Screwed Up Thing Their Ex Did After Breaking Up

By | 34 Comments

Redditors reveal the most f*cked up thing an ex did to them following a breakup. And it's not pretty.

pool noodles

How A Pool Noodle Fight With Canadian Teens Took A Near Deadly Turn


A pool noodle fight between some teens from Vancouver escalated until one boy had to be hospitalized.


A Male Version Of Hooters Might Be Coming To A Strip Mall Near You

By | 10 Comments

Finally, ladies and gay men will have to opportunity to ogle dudes while chowing on fried food and beer!

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham Tries, Fails To Fat Shame A Fellow ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Member

By | 21 Comments

Farrah Abraham called the father of Amber Portwood's child 'fat' on Twitter. How'd that work out for her?

#Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt And ‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Took The Dinosaur Challenge On ‘Ellen’

By | 9 Comments

Chris Pratt and 'The Apparently Kid' completed in dinosaur trivia on the 'Ellen' show. It was very, very cute.


Mila Kunis Responded To That Chicken-Stealing Lawsuit And Says She’ll Counter-Sue

By | 14 Comments

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher responded to that chicken-stealing lawsuit but ridiculing her accuser.


Groupon May Have Sold Condoms With Holes In Them To People

By | 13 Comments

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has forced Groupon to recall counterfeit Durex condoms.


One Direction Fans Are Losing It Over Louis Tomlinson’s Flopping Dong

By | 5 Comments

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson was caught warming up before a football match this week with an alarming lack of underpants.

Bruce Jenner

Here’s A New Promo For Bruce Jenner’s Exclusive Interview With Diane Sawyer

By | 5 Comments

Just ahead of his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner was also spotted outside of his home wearing a long dress.


Chris Christie Dug Into A Pint Of Ben & Jerry’s On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 10 Comments

Jimmy Fallon presented the Governor of New Jersey with a pint of Ben & Jerry's 'Tonight Dough' ice cream.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Told Dana Perino That A Mashup Of ‘The Daily Show’ And ‘The Five’ Would Be ‘Like A ‘Sh*t Taco’

By | 10 Comments

Fox News' Dana Perino stopped by 'The Daily Show' last night where Jon Stewart compared a mash-up of their respective shows to a sh*t taco.


A Girl Peed Herself On Live TV While Being Interviewed By A Local News Reporter

By | 14 Comments

This reporter did not stop her line of questioning when the witness expressed an urgent need to go to the bathroom and what happened next...

paris hilton

Let’s Pour One Out For Paris Hilton’s Beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell (2001-2015)

By | 3 Comments

Paris Hilton's Chihuahua Tinkerbell died yesterday of old age at 14-years-old.


David Spade Expertly Spoofed Britt McHenry’s Parking Garage Temper Tantrum

By | 4 Comments

The inevitable Funny or Die spoof of Britt McHenry's public meltdown is finally here, starring David Spade.

Heartwarming stories

This Girl Who Was Paralyzed From The Waist Down Surprised Her Favorite Nurse By Walking

By | 10 Comments

This heartwarming video of a nurse reacting to her patient walking might make you somewhat misty-eyed.


Mila Kunis Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing A Former Ukrainian Friend’s Chicken

By | 9 Comments

Is Mila Kunis nothing but a low down dirty chicken thief? That's what this Ukrainian woman is claiming.


Who Wants To Watch Salma Hayek Eat A Cricket?

By | 4 Comments

Salma Hayek crunched on a giant cricket in this video posted to Instagram.

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