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‘Luther’ Has Begun Shooting Series 4 (Yay) But Alice Morgan Is Probably Out (Boo)

By | 8 Comments

The gang is back together and 'Luther' has resumed shooting in London... But where is Ruth Wilson???

#Seth Rogen

Hilarity Alert: Amy Pascal’s New Office Reportedly Smells Like Weed Thanks To Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg smoked so much weed in what is now Amy Pascal's office that they can't get the stench out.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Just Dumped Him Over Twitter After Hearing He’s A Baby Daddy

By | 3 Comments

Karrueche Tran says she's finally reached her breaking point with Chris Brown.


Chelsea Handler May Be Showing Off Her Boobs All The Time Because She Allegedly Had A Breast Lift

By | 3 Comments

Sources are claiming Chelsea Handler recently got a boob lift which is why she's conveniently showing them off all the time now.

bob odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk Feels Bad About ‘Being A Dick’ To Lorne Michaels As A Writer On ‘SNL’

By | 2 Comments

Bob Odenkirk explained why he has some regrets from his time as a writer on 'Saturday Night Live.'


H. Jon Benjamin Does Literally The Worst British Accent You Have Ever Heard

By | 11 Comments

H. Jon Benjamin told Conan he panicked when getting cast as Sterling Archer because he thought he'd have to do a British accent.


Dog Would Rather Confine Itself To A Wintry Prison Than Drop Its Big Stick

By | 3 Comments

This poor dog just can't figure out why it can't get through the fence.


This Guy Learned A Lesson The Hard Way About Logging Into His Wife’s Facebook

By | 24 Comments

When this man logged onto his wife's Facebook account, he accidentally found out something she was keeping from him.


Fred Savage Is Returning To Acting Alongside Rob Lowe In A New Fox Comedy

By | 3 Comments

Rob Lowe's new Fox pilot 'The Grinders' picked up a TV sitcom veteran in a supporting role.


This Photographer Uses An iPhone To Insert TV And Film Scenes Into Real-Life Scenarios

By | 2 Comments

Francois Dourlen is a 32-year-old French photographer who has created some breathtaking photos juxtaposing fiction with reality.

sharknado 3

The Fate Of ‘Sharknado 3′ Is In Jeopardy Due To A Production Crew Strike


'Sharknado 3' might be pushed back -- or worse -- if this production strike can't be quickly resolved.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Is Begging Seth Rogen To Make Fun Of Him At His Comedy Central Roast

By | 9 Comments

Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen have kind of a history together, and Justin Bieber wants to fix everything by having Seth Rogen roast him.

Britney Spears

This Is What It Looks Like When Britney Spears’ Hair Extensions Fall Off On Stage

By | 2 Comments

Who wants to watch Britney Spears' hair fall out in the middle of a concert?


This GEICO ‘Unskippable’ Ad That Rewards Viewers For Not Clicking Away Is A Goddamn Delight

By | 9 Comments

GEICO has a new ad campaign and we think this one in particular is pretty great.

#Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald Is Not Happy With ‘Rolling Stone’ For Ranking Him One Of The Worst ‘SNL’ Cast Members Ever

By | 58 Comments

Norm MacDonald is getting revenge on Twitter for a 'Rolling Stone' ranking that's so wrong it should be illegal.


Aziz Ansari Shared His Favorite Memory Of Longtime Friend Harris Wittels On ‘Conan’

By | 4 Comments

Aziz Ansari honored the memory of his beloved friend Harris Wittels with a funny story on last night's 'Conan.'


Someone Created What Could Be A Real Life ‘Meat Tornado’ With A Bacon ‘Wrap’

By | 4 Comments

Would you eat a meat-filled burrito that is literally wrapped in meat? We'll show you how to make one!

nope nope nope

NOPE: Watch This Horrifying Video Of An Australian Spider Eating A Snake

By | 7 Comments

Here's the latest absolutely terrifying thing to come out of Australia...

#Bob's Burgers

‘Bob’s Burgers’ Did A Fantastic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Crossover Complete With Cat Dragons

By | 10 Comments

Did you catch last night's excellent episode of 'Bob's Burgers' that boasted a 'Game of Thrones' crossover with cat dragons?

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