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Woman Finds Dead Body While Having An Easter Egg Hunt With Her Child — Happy Easter!

By | 6 Comments

Just in time for Zombie Jesus Day, a woman finds a decomposing human body while having an Easter Egg hunt with her kid.


This Artist’s Animated Rendering Of The Internet’s Most Popular Cat Videos Is Nothing Short Of Incredible


Artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick created this short film of some of the internet's most popular cat videos and it is 100% worth watching.

Cash Money

Because It’s Friday Afternoon Before A Holiday Let’s Watch People Get Pranked With Money Fishing


There's really no "bad" time for watching people get pranked with money fishing.

dumb criminals

Couple Steals Vehicle So Husband Can Make Court Date, And It Didn’t Even Happen In Florida


A couple was charged with stealing a car which was tracked to a courthouse where the husband was appearing on drug charges.

sofia coppola

Kirsten Dunst Suggests That Actresses Who Get Taken Advantage Of By Directors Might Be Asking For It

By | 29 Comments

Kirsten Dunst claimed in an interview for 'W' magazine that actresses who get pounced on by directors are courting it. Her words not ours.


IMPORTANT GOOD FRIDAY REMINDER: Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Took This Easter Photo

By | 7 Comments

We'd like to wish all of our readers a Happy Easter on behalf of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

game of thrones

George RR Martin Teases Next Book, Speculates That Part May Be Written From Hodor’s Perspective

By | 32 Comments

George RR Martin has got some pretty HODOR-iffic plans for 'The Winds of Winter'.

drugs are bad

You’ll Never Guess What A Florida Man Named Edward Cocaine Was Arrested For

By | 7 Comments

A Florida man was arrested for possession this week and the judge pretty much lost it when he heard the name of the man.

cancer sucks

This Dying Woman Trying To Find A Home For Her Dog Is Only The Saddest Thing You’ll Ever See

By | 5 Comments

Patricia Cudd was told that she had only six months to live after being diagnosed with cancer and is now trying find a home for her dog.


You’ll Definitely Want To Punch This Self-Proclaimed ‘Most Vain’ 17-Year-Old Australian Boy In The Face

By | 16 Comments

Kurt Coleman is a 17-year-old "celebrity" in Australia due to a huge following on social media which he fills with selfies of himself. You're welcome.


Watch This Amazing Russian Dude Show You How You’ve Been Taking Off Your Shirt Wrong

By | 13 Comments

CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube demonstrates how to quickly take off your t-shirt with one hand, and everything about it is amazing.

accidental penis

Check Out The Best Yelp Reviews For This Cafe With A Penis Logo

By | 5 Comments

The Market Place & Cafe in Arlington, Virginia has been raising eyebrows for years now due to an odd logo.


Love Really Is Dead: Will Arnett Files For Divorce From Amy Poehler

By | 32 Comments

WIll Arnett has filed for divorce from Amy Poehler following the pair's separation back in September of 2012, after nine years of marriage.


Celebrate 420 A Few Days Early This Year With This Excellent 420 Stoner Mix


Please enjoy this 420 mix, sampling some of the best stoner moments from your favorite movies, television shows, music videos and PSA's.

culinary abominations

Future Heart Attack Patients Rejoice, For KFC Is Bringing Back Your Beloved Double Down!

By | 9 Comments

KFC's is bringing back their 'Double Down' this month, if you didn't get a chance to sample the culinary monstrosity the first time around.


A Woman Is Suing Walmart Over A Dandruff Shampoo That Allegedly Ruined Her Butt-Length Hair

By | 6 Comments

A Portland Oregon woman is suing Walmart for $10,000 after she claims their shampoo ruined her super long hair that went to her butt.


The Real-Life Alex Vause Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Tells A Different Story Of Her Relationship With Piper

By | 8 Comments

The real-life Alex Vause gave a fascinating interview with 'Vanity Fair' about her relationship with Piper from 'OITNB'.

Eyeball Licking

A Montana Man Licked A Police Officer’s Eyeball While Resisting Arrest Outside Of ‘Pisser’s Palace’ Bar


A Montana man was put in jail after licking a police officer's eyeball outside of Pisser's Palace bar. Wait, did they say Pisser's Palace?


Science Has Proven ‘The Hangries’ Exist And Why They Might Make You Want To Murder Your Spouse

By | 8 Comments

A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences proves the existence of "hangries" and how they relate to marital discourse.

claw machine

How Does This Even Happen: Missing Toddler Found Stuck In Claw Game Machine

By | 10 Comments

A missing toddler turned up in a claw machine in a nearby bowling alley and it amazingly didn't even happen in Florida.

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