Movie Power Rankings: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ stays on top

07.06.12 5 years ago

After months of hand-wringing, both by Sony execs and hardcore fans, “Amazing Spider-Man” is open, and that’s enough of a reason by itself for the film to top “Dark Knight Rises” and “Avatar” on our weekly Movie Power Rankings list. The reboot is experiencing solid, but hardly eye-popping, box office numbers, and the studio is already keen on turning it into a trilogy. Time will tell if the newest version of the Marvel superhero will turn Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone into bonafide stars, but they’re definitely the Spidey stars of the hour. Will this mean more lightning-fast turnaround for potential reboots? 

Watch the video from Crackle here:

From Crackle: Week of July 2, 2012

As for the rest of this week’s list…

July 7, 2012 

1. “Amazing Spider-Man” (Last week: No. 1)

It’s here. Now, what can we expect in the sequel?

2. “The Dark Knight” (Last week: No. 3)
It’s almost here. And it’s gonna be epic

3. “Ted” (Last week: Not ranked)
Seth McFarlane’s G-rated family film — about a talking bear with only nice things to say — surprises at the box office. 

4. Comic-Con 2012 (Last week: Not ranked)
Get ready for four and a half days of waiting in line, eating bad pizza and ogling Slave Leias. A number of Hollywood stars will be joining you for your stay in San Diego. 

5. “Magic Mike” (Last week: No. 2)
Channing Tatum’s pecs continue to win the hearts of American moviegoers. Are we in for even more?

6. “Avatar” (Last week: Not ranked)
James Cameron is planning not one, not two, but THREE more trips to Pandora.

7. Academy Awards (Last week: Not ranked)
Some cool stars have been invited to join the exclusive club, including Jonah Hill, Bryan Cranston and Jessica Chastain . The Oscars org made changes to several categories, but the best original song section is still a mess. 

8. “Ant-Man” (Last week: Not ranked)
Will Comic-Con attendees get the first look at Edgar Wright’s upcoming adaptation of the pint-sized Marvel hero? 

9. “Think Like a Man” (Last week: Not ranked)
Not even Steve Harvey is immune to sequel-itis

10. “The Hunger Games” (Last week: Not ranked)
“Donnie Darko” and “Sucker Punch” star Jena Malone is taking aim at a significant role in the sequel, “Catching Fire.” May the odds be ever in her favor. 

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