Gwen Stefani Tries To Explain Her ‘Colbort’ Blunder To Seth Meyers

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We've all messed up someone's name from time to time, we've just never done it on national television.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Adam Levine Tried In Vain To Teach Gwen Stefani How To Pronounce ‘Colbert’ Before The Emmys

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Gwen Stefani's 'Colbort' flub at the Emmys was no stage fright -- she genuinely didn't know how to pronounce it.


Sarah Silverman’s Emmys Press Conference Was Better Than Any Acceptance Speech

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Sarah Silverman should be invited to and/or host every awards show.


Retta From ‘Parks And Rec’ Shut Down Some Jackass Emmys Seat-Filler She Got Stuck Sitting Next To

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Retta had the misfortune of sitting next to a particularly annoying seat filler during last night's Emmy Awards,.

#Breaking Bad

When ‘Bad’ Is Good: Ten Thoughts On The 2014 Emmys

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It was a good year to have already won an Emmy, and more thoughts.

#Matthew McConaughey

Here’s Chris Bosh Accidentally Photobombing Matthew McConaughey At The Emmys

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Chris Bosh may not be good at a lot of things but dammit, dude can photobomb like no other.

#2014 EMMYS

Rewatch Billy Eichner’s Emmys Segment, Hands Down The Funniest Part Of The Show

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Billy Eichner had a segment on the 2014 and of course it was manically delightful.

2014 Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum Used The Mani-Cam To Twerk And Here Is That Important Moment

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Heidi Klum confused the mani-cam with the twerk cam and it was a wonderful moment in TV history.

#2014 Emmys

The UPROXX 2014 Emmys Live Discussion: Award Shows Are A Flat Circle

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Join us for our Emmys live thread! We've got so much to discuss! Probably!

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Aaron Paul Is Hosting A Pre-Emmys ‘Breaking Bad’ Scavenger Hunt In Hollywood

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'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul is celebrating his show's final Emmy run with a memorabilia scavenger hunt on Monday.


Watch A Bunch Of Kids Reenact All Your Favorite Emmy-Nominated Dramas

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A group of kids reenact scenes -- kind of -- from the 2014 Best Drama Emmy nominees, including True Detective, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

2014 Emmy Awards

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Are Back In Business In This Outstanding Emmy Promo

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'Breaking Bad' stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are just two trashy pervs running a pawn shop in this Emmy Awards video.


Here Are The Best Twitter Reactions To The Announcement Of This Year’s Emmy Nominees

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Let's check in with some of our favorite television actors and actresses to see how they reacted to their nominations, shall we?

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