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Kelly Clarkson Finally Divulged Whether Or Not She Hooked Up With Justin Guarini

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Kelly Clarkson wouldn't say which base they got to with Justin Guarini, however.


The Ratings For ‘Empire’ Keep Breaking Records

By | 13 Comments

Fox's Empire continues to win the ratings war on Wednesday nights.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Archer’ Returns From Miami

By | 10 Comments

'Archer' returns for its 6th season, 'Portlandia' returns for its 5th season, and Sheldon goes dress shopping on 'Big Bang Theory'.


Randy Jackson Is Leaving ‘American Idol’

By | 5 Comments

The longtime judge won't be returning for the show's fourteenth season.

#The Simpsons

Every Crossover Episode Of ‘The Simpsons,’ Ranked

By | 38 Comments

From Moe's run on 'American Idol,' to Mulder and Scully visiting Springfield.

#2014 Emmys

A By-The-Numbers Look At Some Of The Biggest Losers In Primetime Emmys History

By | 7 Comments

On Monday night, Jon Hamm will hope to break his Emmy shutout, but he'll always have a place in this group of beloved TV losers.


Sorry To Break It To You Ladies, But William Hung Is Off The Market

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You can just dash those dreams of securing down William Hung now, ladies.

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‘American Idol’ Is Dying, And Bad Lip Reading Is Here To Deliver The Knockout Blow

By | 8 Comments

The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading took American Idol and turned it into something entertaining.


Let’s All Point And Laugh At The Imminent Death Of ‘American Idol’

By | 22 Comments

Singer-competition fatigue has officially set in, as 'American Idol' and 'The Voice' hit new lows.


A ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Finally Realized That ‘The Bachelor’ Is Total Horsesh*t

By | 11 Comments

A 'The Bachelor' contestant finally called the titular bachelor out on his crap. Way to catch up with all of the rest of us, lady!


Here’s Clay Aiken Proving That Anyone Can Run For Congress In America

By | 6 Comments

American Idol's second season runner-up, Clay Aiken, will run for Congress in North Carolina. This is a real story.


Finally, An NC State And Scotty McCreery Cover Of ‘Wagon Wheel’

By | 6 Comments

My father and I have a longstanding, generation-gap-fueled argument about the song 'Wagon Wheel.

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The Contract ‘American Idol’ Contestants Sign Gives Producers The Right To Make Up Stuff About Them

By | 6 Comments

Want to go on American Idol? Be prepared to reveal "personal, private, embarrassing or unfavorable" information that "may be factual and/or fictional."


Numbers Don’t Lie, Network Reality Television Is FINALLY Dying

By | 36 Comments

A look at the steady decline of reality television over the last few years.


10.8 The Cooler

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Lira Galore Mila Kunis: Esquire’s 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive [High Definite] Miami Heat Players React To New Flopping Rule [Inside Hoops] Job Numbers: Hope For Obama, A Bummer For Romney [Esquire] Li-Ning Dwyane Wade Signature Sneaker Revealed [KaTC] 10 Shirts + 10 Ties = Your [...].

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Taiwanese Animation Takes On Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey’s ‘American Idol’ Feud

By | 3 Comments

The Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud on 'American Idol' is already getting old. Luckily our favorite Taiwanese animators are help to help.

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