‘Extreme Amazing Super-Chess’ Is How Chess Was Meant To Be Played

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This parody video which imagines a fictional game of "New World New Chess" is like the chess version of Calvinball.


Peter Capaldi Is Finally In A ‘Doctor Who’ And ‘The Thick Of It’ F#%kety Mashup Video

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We knew Peter Capaldi's character from 'The Thick Of It' would be mashed up with 'Doctor Who', and it's delightful.

Peter Capaldi

The Next ‘Doctor F*ckity Who’ Doctor Is: Peter Capaldi

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The 12th "Doctor Who" Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi.


The BBC May Have Accidentally Revealed The New ‘Doctor Who’ Doctor In A URL

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Either this is a very specific "Doctor Who" fake, or the BBC messed up royally.


The BBC ‘Accidentally’ Broadcasted A Penis On Prince William’s Head This Morning


If you looked closely enough on the BBC this morning, you'll have seen a penis on Prince William's forehead.

the lone ranger

Johnny Depp Is The Next Superstar Actor To Claim That He's Retiring

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As Johnny Depp is making the media rounds to prepare the United Kingdom <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/07/lone-ranger-190-million-loss-for-disney" target="_blank">for the disappointment</a> of The Lone Ranger, he <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-23488712" target="_blank">stopped by BBC Breakfast yesterday</a> for an interview and ended up dropping quite the juicy little nugget on everyone.


Honest BBC Reporter Is Honest About The Royal Baby Not Being News

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The Royal Baby isn't news, and one BBC reporter isn't afraid to say so.


BBC Weather Girl Can Only Hold Her Smile For So Long


Wendy the weather girl is capable of maintaining a sunny disposition while delivering the forecast.

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Where Have We Seen The Cast Of BBC America's 'Copper' Before?

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A look back at the CV of the regular players on BBC America's 'Copper'

the insane

FYI, Alex Jones Is Still Completely Batsh*t Insane

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Alex Jones is still hopelessly insane. We just thought you should know.


The Daily Star Thinks Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Will Be The Next Doctor On ‘Doctor Who’

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A British tabloid reports Paris Jackson, 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, will be the next Doctor on 'Doctor Who'. Oh, British press. Never change.


The 10 Best, Most Realistic Candidates To Replace Matt Smith As The Next ‘Doctor Who’

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Forget about the huge stars; these are the most LIKELY candidates to replace Matt Smith on 'Doctor Who'


‘Doctor Who’ Was Renewed For Another Season. Let’s Celebrate With Some Timely GIFs.

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'Doctor Who' will return for another season with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith. There's only one timely way to celebrate this news. GIFs!


Drunk BBC Radio DJ Celebrates Her Last Day By Broadcasting While Massively Drunk

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Listen to a DJ for the BBC, Paula White, get drunk and hauled off air during her last day.


Prince William Will Be Featured In A BBC Reality Show Titled ‘Helicopter Rescue’

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A new BBC reality program titled "Helicopter Rescue" will focus on Prince William's time as a RAF rescue pilot.

peter jackson

Peter Jackson Wants To Direct ‘Doctor Who’

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When you’ve been in this blog game since the 1940s like I have, you get a lot of people telling you how “You just have to watch this.


Junkie Zombies Try Not To Relapse On Brains In BBC’s ‘In The Flesh’

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"Keep Calm And Avoid The Undead" in the first three videos about BBC Three series 'In The Flesh' about zombies being rehabilitated.


Let’s Celebrate Ray Cusick’s Life With Dalek Cosplay And Funny Pictures

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Pour out some fish sticks and custard for Ray Cusick today. Here's a collection of Dalek cosplay and funny Dalek references to remember his work by.

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