An 8-Year-Old (And His Team) Were Fined $500 For Breaking A Pee Wee League’s Mercy Rule

By | 14 Comments

This 8-year-old's parents had to fork over some serious cash after their son broke the mercy rule.


Can Someone Please Use This Onside Kick In The NFL?

By | 19 Comments

Someone needs to try this onside kick ASAP.


Yeah, This Might Be Pass Interference On The Buffalo Bills


I'm not a football expert per se, but I'm pretty sure this is pass interference on the Bills.


DeAndre Hopkins Gave Up On Life At The End Of Last Night’s Game

By | 15 Comments

Does DeAndre Hopkins even care at this point? Because this clip suggests he doesn't.

#Viral Videos

This Bruins Fan Falling On Her Ass Is The Most Perfect Way To Start The Hockey Season

By | 13 Comments

This Vine from <a href="">Barstool Sports</a> is beautiful in every way.

#Viral Videos

Nobody Has Ever Tackled Worse Than This High School Team

By | 3 Comments

This is both an amazing highlight and an amazing blooper, depending on what team you're rooting for.


Here Are The Best Football Vines And GIFs From The Weekend

By | 9 Comments

Here's your Week 5 installment of the best football Vines and GIFs from the weekend.


Please Enjoy This GIF Of A Buffalo Bills Player Hitting His Coach In The Head

By | 3 Comments

Things you shouldn't do during a football game? Elbow your coach in the head.


Is This The Greatest False Start In Football History?

By | 4 Comments

Best false start ever? Best false start ever.

#Viral Videos

This Guy Tried To Sing The National Anthem While Ice Skating. It Didn’t Go So Well.

By | 3 Comments

This guy tried multi-tasking during the National Anthem and failed miserably.

Pee Wee Football blooper

This Kid Is The Cheapest Pee Wee Football Player In America

By | 24 Comments

This kid is so goddamn cheap. Threw a block on a guy for no damn reason. He's the worst.


TCU Delivered The College Football Blooper To End All Bloopers Against SMU


Here's TCU with a great blooper that sadly didn't count.

#X Men: Days Of Future Past

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Starts Leaking Bloopers

By | 3 Comments

Storm reacts the way we all would to kissing Hugh Jackman, according to a leaked blooper reel.

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The World’s Worst Husband Dropped His Wedding Ring On The Field After Catching A Home Run

By | 2 Comments

This is why you shouldn't wear your wedding ring to a baseball game...or to the strip club.


This Is The Worst Fake Punt Of All-Time For So Many Reasons


This is arguably the greatest "when you see it" bloopers in the history of sports.

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