Pee Wee Football blooper

This Kid Is The Cheapest Pee Wee Football Player In America

By | 24 Comments

This kid is so goddamn cheap. Threw a block on a guy for no damn reason. He's the worst.


TCU Delivered The College Football Blooper To End All Bloopers Against SMU


Here's TCU with a great blooper that sadly didn't count.

#X Men: Days Of Future Past

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Starts Leaking Bloopers

By | 3 Comments

Storm reacts the way we all would to kissing Hugh Jackman, according to a leaked blooper reel.

kinky sex

The World’s Worst Husband Dropped His Wedding Ring On The Field After Catching A Home Run

By | 2 Comments

This is why you shouldn't wear your wedding ring to a baseball game...or to the strip club.


This Is The Worst Fake Punt Of All-Time For So Many Reasons


This is arguably the greatest "when you see it" bloopers in the history of sports.


Here Are The 12 Best Football GIFs And Vines From The Weekend

By | 9 Comments

Did you miss anything this weekend? Don't worry, we got you covered. Here's the best and worst from football this weekend.


Does This Guy Even Know How To Football?

By | 4 Comments

This is the best blooper you will watch today or ever.

#game of thrones

Watch Jaime Dance And Daenerys Cuss In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Blooper Reel

By | 10 Comments

The "Game of Thrones" Season 4 blooper reel is full of dancing, giggling, and cussing.


Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic ‘Jeopardy!’ Bloopers

By | 4 Comments

One more time for Alex Trebek's birthday, here are some great moments in geniuses messing up on 'Jeopardy!.'


This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer Was So Bad That It Didn’t Even Make Sense

By | 17 Comments

A contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune' should have offered the obvious correct answer, but instead went with something incredibly wrong.

You Might Believe What This Australian News Anchor Accidentally Said To Make Her Co-Host Lose His Sh*t

By | 11 Comments

Every time we check in on 'Today', Australia's version of the 'Today Show', it does not disappoint.

viral video

Watch The Funniest News Bloopers From The Month Of March, All In One Video


March was an insane month for news bloopers. Here are the best.

viral video

Watch News Anchors React In Horror After A Fox Affiliate Accidentally Shows A Penis On The Air

By | 48 Comments

Wait until you see the team at Fox 31 in Denver react when they accidentally put a penis on the screen.


Let This Local Reporter’s Thumb Show You The First Blooper Of The NCAA Tournament


WJAR reporter Frank Carpano had a little mix-up reporting the Providence Friars' Big East Tournament win that is sending them to the NCAA Tournament.

viral video

Want To Watch A Reporter Swallow A River Of Her Own Snot On Live TV?

By | 10 Comments

KTVU reporter Heather Holmes suffers from an unfortunate runny nose and doesn't handle it very well.

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