Bungie Is Losing At Least $2.5 Million On ‘Destiny,’ Thanks To Critics

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'Destiny' may be selling, but its low review scores are costing Bungie.

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Someone Recreated The Opening Dance From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ In ‘Destiny’ And It’s Great

By | 4 Comments

A kind soul on the Internet mashed up 'Guardians of the Galaxy's' musical opening with some great dancing from Bungie's 'Destiny.'


‘Destiny': A Tongue-In-Cheek Player’s Guide

By | 22 Comments

Is 'Destiny' right for you? We explore that question in a guide that is deadly serious and certainly not teasing Bungie at length.


Your ‘Destiny’ Beta Character Is Being Wiped

By | 9 Comments

Hoping to start 'Destiny' with the character you've lovingly built? Bad news.

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The Last Undiscovered ‘Halo 3′ Easter Egg Has Been Found (VIDEO)

By | 2 Comments

The last 'Halo 3' Easter egg was found after seven years, and it's a sweet message from a Bungie employee to his wife.

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Activision Tempts Fate By Saying ‘Destiny’ Will Be The New ‘Call Of Duty’

By | 7 Comments

'Destiny' is going to sell well. But Activision is aiming a bit higher than just a few million copies.

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Here’s A New ‘Destiny’ Teaser Trailer Directed By Jon Favreau

By | 8 Comments

'Destiny' gets a new trailer from the director of 'Iron Man'...


Bungie Knows We’re Making Fun Of Them, Responds Awesomely

By | 2 Comments

Bungie knows they looked awkward at the PS4 live event, respond with a funny photo. (Plus photoshops)

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Bungie Finally Reveals Some Of ‘Destiny’

By | 20 Comments

Bungie is officially firing up the hype machine for 'Destiny'. Here's the first footage they've released.


Going Out With A Bang: Halo Reach Review

By | 9 Comments

The Halo franchise played a huge part in Xbox's success since Halo: Combat Evolved dropped in 2001.

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This Trailer Is A Halo Reacharound

By | 3 Comments

The new cinematic trailer for Halo: Reach is out, showing a little of the story taking place in 2552, making it a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved (2001).

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