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49ers-Packers Live Blog, Second Half


The Niners dominated early but the Packers came to life in the second quarter.

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49ers-Packers Wild Card Live Blog


49ers can beat the Packers for the fourth time in two years.

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Colin Kaepernick Busts Out the Beats, Seattle Gets Alternate Cut


While the original cut gave us the musical stylings of Aloe Blacc, an alternate cut of the commercial will be airing in the greater Seattle area to offset the hurt feelings of the great 12th Man.

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Pick Six Touchback

With 49ers-Saints tied 7-7 midway through the second quarter, Colin Kaepernick had a pass intercepted by Corey White, who appeared to have a clear path to the end zone.


The Week 10 Fantasy Football Support Group: Cam Newton Is Like ‘Superman Returns’


Cam Newton is just one of the many so-called elite players that probably broke our fantasy football hearts in Week 10.

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Week 10 Late Games Open Thread


The interim head coach timeslot!


Larry Bird Revealed To Have Colin Kaepernick & Joe Flacco’s McDonald’s Mighty Wings

If you're of a certain age, you might remember the McDonald's commercial featuring Larry Bird and Michael Jordan playing an epic shooting contest for MJ's Big Mac.

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Texans-49ers Live Blog, First Half


After that Broncos-Cowboys game, it's kinda tough to be ready for more football, let alone six more hours of football, without a brief rest but here we go.


With Leather Interview: Joe Flacco Raps With Us About Trick Shots, Blackouts, Grimace And Mighty Wings


Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco gave us some insight into his new McDonald's Mighty Wings campaign and the trick shot ad with Colin Kaepernick.

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49ers-Rams TNF Live Blog, Second Half


For most of the first half, this looked to be a game that gibed for the Rams which is another way of saying a low-scoring game.

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49ers-Rams TNF Live Blog, First Half


In two weeks, the 49ers have gone from presumptive Super Bowl contender to being on the verge of having their season wrecked.


The With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group Week 3: What The Crap Bomb, Kaepernick?


I had a good feeling that the San Francisco 49ers would struggle a little bit in the early weeks of this NFL season, what with Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham both not expected to play until at least Week 7.


The With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group: What The Heck Was That, Colin Kaepernick?


It seems like things got back to normal in Week 2 of this NFL season, with many of the guys who we expect to be our fantasy football anchors performing like they should every single week in our silly, warped minds.

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49ers-Seahawks SNF Live Blog, Second Half


Very kind of this game to take an hour off for the nation to take in "Breaking Bad", be traumatized then return for more grueling grind-out defensive football full of hits and not points.

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Seahawks-49ers SNF Live Blog


The reigning biggest rivalry in the NFL is renewed.


No Huddle: Suh’s Hefty Fine, Rob Ryan’s Act Of Kindness, Chip Kelly’s Not Impressed & More


They only play once every Thursday, Sunday or Monday, but the story lines created before, during and after games are more than enough to keep the NFL on America's consciousness throughout the week.

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