Comcast Customer Service Renamed A Man ‘A**hole Brown’ After His Wife Tried To Cancel Their Service

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Comcast customer service always manages to find new ways to make their customer service, this time by literally calling customers a**holes.

United Airlines

United Airlines Customer Service Is So Bad, They Managed To Piss Off A Monk

By | 3 Comments

A ticket mix-up and subsequent unhelpful customer service made one monk pretty darn mad at United Airlines.


Not Even Recording Your Phone Calls Can Save You From Comcast’s Horrifying Customer Service

By | 6 Comments

This guy thought he had Comcast customer service cornered with proof that they offered him a better deal. He was very wrong.


JetBlue Kicked A Mom Flying Home For Her Child’s Birthday Off A Flight For Tweeting About A Delay

By | 14 Comments

Was this JetBlue pilot completely out of line for kicking a passenger off for tweeting about a delay?


Here’s A Guy Trying To Cancel His Comcast Service Before Being Put On Hold Until They Close

By | 8 Comments

This guy just wanted to cancel his Comcast service, but it would seem they just wanted to forget he existed.


Southwest Kicked A Passenger Off A Flight Because He Posted A Negative Tweet About The Airline

By | 25 Comments

Southwest apparently has a standing policy of throwing people who complain on social media off their planes.

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Remembering The Elderly Woman Who Took A Hammer To The Sub-Moronic Imbeciles At Comcast Customer Service

By | 15 Comments

Seven years ago, Comcast pushed an elderly woman past her limit. She made them listen to her. With a hammer.


Listen To This Customer Service Experience That Proves Once Again That Comcast Is The Worst

By | 81 Comments

Comcast customer service quickly goes from serving the customer to holding them hostage. This recording proves it.


Five Guys Emailed A Customer To Let Him Know Just How Much Of A ‘Douche’ He Is

By | 32 Comments

A Five Guys customer is "a perfect example of why this world is f*cked," says Five Guys.

customer service

Here’s An Example Of Why It Must Suck Terribly To Work In A Customer Service Call Center

By | 10 Comments

Because of a-holes like this, you couldn't pay me enough to work in a customer service call center.

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This is Not How You Sell Controllers

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53498"></a>Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade have a truly hilarious and epic email chain from a reader, Dave, that's pretty much a complete and detailed guide on how to fail, miserably, at customer service.

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