Ellen Hooked Her Shirtless ‘Gardener’ Up With A Role In ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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Ellen DeGeneres had Channing Tatum call in to hook her fake-but-shirtless gardener Nick up with a big break in 'Magic Mike XXL.'

#Shia Labeouf

Shia LaBeouf Tells Ellen That A ‘Judgment Error’ Is To Blame For His Bizarre Antics

By | 18 Comments

The 'Fury' star tells Ellen today that his 'hiccups' were caused by bad judgment and an 'existential crisis' that caused him to explore.

anna faris

Anna Faris Prank-Called Husband Chris Pratt With Some Help From Ellen

By | 4 Comments

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a cute couple, which is why that's all she could talk about on her recent trip to the 'Ellen' show.

apparently kid

‘The Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Made His Big Hollywood Debut On ‘Ellen’

By | 3 Comments

The 'Apparently Kid' is back, and he's as much of a spazzy little maniac as ever!


Ellen Made Channing Tatum Face His Greatest Fear… Porcelain Dolls

By | 9 Comments

Channing Tatum was ambushed by Ellen DeGeneres when she made him confront his fear of creepy porcelain dolls.


Watch A Naked Chelsea Handler Jump Up And Down When Ellen DeGeneres Visits Her In The Shower

By | 54 Comments

Chelsea Handler got naked and jumped up and down when Ellen DeGeneres visited her in the shower.


Diane Keaton Really Wants To Kiss Louis C.K., Seems Fun

By | 2 Comments

Diane Keaton had a few drinks before her "Ellen" appearance and proceeded to list all the men she wants to kiss, including Louis CK.


Mila Kunis’ Shocking Admission To Ellen: ‘I Eat Sauerkraut All Day Long’

By | 18 Comments

Mila Kunis dropped by Ellen's show where she revealed some truly disgusting things about herself.


Ellen Surprised The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy With His Favorite Actress, Julia Roberts

By | 14 Comments

The pizza guy who supplied a snack for all the A-listers at the Oscars stopped by Ellen's show to meet his favorite actress.


The Olsen Twins Talked About ‘Full House’ On ‘Ellen’ In A Rare Appearance Together

By | 17 Comments

The Olsen Twins were on today's Ellen show to promote perfume, but Ellen seized the opportunity to ask them about Full House.


The LEGO Version Of Ellen’s Selfie Will Haunt Your Dreams

By | 7 Comments

Look at this LEGO version of Ellen's Oscar selfie. Then look away. Then look again.

the oscars

This Year’s Oscars Was The Highest Rated In 14 Years

By | 10 Comments

Nearly 44 million people tuned in to watch a charming lesbian hand out awards to male models pretending to have AIDs.


Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Someone To 'Drop A Boob' During Ellen's Oscars Selfie

By | 23 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence nearly dropped a boob. Imagine how many retweets THAT would have gotten.


Meet The Adorable Russian Pizza Guy Who Delivered Ellen's Oscars Pizza

By | 8 Comments

Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Hollywood finally got his $600 tip on Monday's 'Ellen' show.


Liza Minnelli Was On The Losing End Of Ellen's Awesome Oscars Selfie

By | 21 Comments

Someone took a photo of Ellen's Oscar selfie from behind as it happened, and it revealed Liza Minnelli being the odd woman out.


The Best Parodies Of Ellen's Celebrity Selfie Seen 'Round The World

By | 5 Comments

Everyone in the world has seen Ellen's Oscars selfie. But what about these selfies?


Ellen's Epic Oscars Selfie Belongs In A Museum

By | 20 Comments

The celebrity selfie to end all celebrity selfies.


With Leather’s Watch This: NL MVP Andrew McCutchen Proposed On ‘Ellen’

By | 4 Comments

Pittsburgh Pirates star and NL MVP Andrew McCutchen proposed to his girlfriend during his appearance on 'Ellen.'

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