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Justin Bieber Made Another ‘Ellen’ Appearance To Clear Up His Strange Public Apology

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Justin Bieber stopped by 'Ellen' again to discuss the bizarre public apology he recorded for fans last week.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Ellen DeGeneres Made Jimmy Fallon Relive The Time She Scared The Living Hell Out Of Him


Ellen loves scaring people and Jimmy Fallon hates to be scared. A winning combination!

#Justin Bieber

Did Ellen Break Justin Bieber? Why Did He Film This Bizarre Apology?

By | 15 Comments

Justin Bieber filmed an apology after an 'Ellen' appearance airing today and we're all just trying to figure out what's going on.


The Supreme Court Announced That They Will Rule On Same Sex Marriage And The Internet Is Excited

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Celebrities and advocates alike seem hopeful that SCOTUS will bring an end to the same sex marriage debate with their upcoming ruling.

#Viral Videos

Watch NYPD Officers Harass And Throw A Man To The Ground For Taking Part In Ellen’s Silly ‘Dance Dare’

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A man doing nothing more than dancing quickly found himself being cursed at and shoved to the ground by NYPD officers.


Watch Conan Disappoint ‘Ellen’ Audience Members Who Were Expecting Free Gifts


An 'Ellen' audience member learns the hard way she's not going to get any free stuff from being in 'Conan's' audience.

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Amy Poehler Says That Writing Topless Relaxes And Inspires Her

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On yesterday's 'Ellen' Amy Poehler discusses her new book and writing in the partial nude.


Ellen Reveals That She’s The Real Star Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’


Ellen DeGeneres has made herself the real star of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and it's just so wacky and zany.


Relive Ellen’s Best Celebrity Scare Pranks With This Compilation Of Her Famous Guests Freaking Out

By | 3 Comments

Ellen has scared everyone from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus to Jake Gyllenhaal. Here's a hilarious compilation of her best pranks.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Watch Delicate Flower Jake Gyllenhaal Get The Living Sh*t Scared Out Of Him On The ‘Ellen’ Show

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Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on 'Ellen' to talk about his new movie 'Nightcrawler' and ended up the butt of a scary prank.


Ellen Hooked Her Shirtless ‘Gardener’ Up With A Role In ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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Ellen DeGeneres had Channing Tatum call in to hook her fake-but-shirtless gardener Nick up with a big break in 'Magic Mike XXL.'

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Shia LaBeouf Tells Ellen That A ‘Judgment Error’ Is To Blame For His Bizarre Antics

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The 'Fury' star tells Ellen today that his 'hiccups' were caused by bad judgment and an 'existential crisis' that caused him to explore.

anna faris

Anna Faris Prank-Called Husband Chris Pratt With Some Help From Ellen

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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a cute couple, which is why that's all she could talk about on her recent trip to the 'Ellen' show.

apparently kid

‘The Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Made His Big Hollywood Debut On ‘Ellen’

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The 'Apparently Kid' is back, and he's as much of a spazzy little maniac as ever!


Ellen Made Channing Tatum Face His Greatest Fear… Porcelain Dolls

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Channing Tatum was ambushed by Ellen DeGeneres when she made him confront his fear of creepy porcelain dolls.


Watch A Naked Chelsea Handler Jump Up And Down When Ellen DeGeneres Visits Her In The Shower

By | 54 Comments

Chelsea Handler got naked and jumped up and down when Ellen DeGeneres visited her in the shower.


Diane Keaton Really Wants To Kiss Louis C.K., Seems Fun

By | 2 Comments

Diane Keaton had a few drinks before her "Ellen" appearance and proceeded to list all the men she wants to kiss, including Louis CK.

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