Here’s Video Of Travi$ Scott Fighting A Fan At His Show Last Night

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Watch Travis Scott fight with a fan over an alleged chain snatching


A Photographer Managed To Capture This Epic Brawl Between A Seal And An Octopus


The scuffle broke out near Ogden Point in Victoria, Canada this past week.

basketball fights

Watch Von Wafer Lose His Mind And Knock A Guy Out With A Nut Shot In A Chinese League Game


Von Wafer morphed into a WWE wrestler and lost his mind during a basketball game.

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A Waitress Outed Adult Star Lacey Lorenzo At Her 21st Birthday Party

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Adult star Lacey Lorenzo's 21st birthday was a night to remember, but unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.


The Guy Who Started The Fight With Johnny Manziel Is Now Super Sorry About The Whole Thing

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Johnny Manziel's fight was a big misunderstanding according to the guy who got beat up.


This Angry Dad Allegedly Bit A Man’s Ear Off At A Bowling Alley Over A Spilled Drink

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A fight broke out after a drink was spilled at an Oklahoma bowling alley resulting in a man's ear being bitten off.

#Paul Rudd

Apparently Paul Rudd Isn’t The Hero That Stopped A Fight At The Dallas Airport

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Though the resemblance is uncanny, Paul Rudd was not one of the do-gooders who subdued a man in Dallas.


Watch Airport Passengers Tackle A Raging Homophobe At The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

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A man was taken into custody at DFW airport after he called another passenger a "faggot" and then physically attacked him and other passengers.

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Palin Party Brawl Photos Include A Bruised Hand And A Bloody Knee

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Pictures from the aftermath of Bristol and Willow Palin's recent brawl at a birthday party have been released, and the damage includes a bruised hand and a bloody knee.

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There Were No Winners And Lots Of Losers In This University Of Arkansas Frat Bro Fight

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A police officer tried to stop a fight between dozens of Arkansas frat bros. It didn't go well.

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Chewbacca Plays Peacemaker In This Fight Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl

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Here's a bunch of superheroes fighting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


The Victim In The 49ers Bathroom Fight Might Be Paralyzed

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As it turns out, punching someone really hard in the face can lead to really bad things.


Watch This Family Dollar Manager Explode On This Woman For Stealing Febreze

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If you decide to disrespect Family Dollar, you'll find this guy waiting with a chain in the parking lot.


Watch College Basketball Player Punch Opponent in the Face Twice in A Game

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Unless you're a huge Conference USA fan, we are going to assume that you probably didn't see the UTEP/East Carolina game over the weekend.


Bro Wanders On To High School Football Field, Begs To Be Pummeled, Promptly Is

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Last Friday night, 9-0 Placer high school of Auburn, California defeated 4-5 Colfax 24-7 in a much-hyped revenge game, and that’s fun because, Yay sports.



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I know this isn't movie-related, but blow me, movie news is slow this time of year.

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