The Next Big Thing: Living Room Hillbilly MMA

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This video is called "Hilarious Hillbilly Fight Goes The Distance.


Florida Or Ohio: ‘Naked Man Found Hiding In Neighbor’s Dryer’

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A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he went streaking and was found hiding naked in his neighbor's dryer, so did it happen in Florida or Ohio?


Florida Or Ohio?: Man Butt Dials 911, Unwittingly Details His Murder Plans To Operator

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THIS: "It was a butt-dialing blunder that led police to the man they say orchestrated the fatal shooting."


Conan Has A Message For The People Of Florida

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Because of the ridiculous way the country's founders set up how we elect presidents, this election may come down to how Florida and Ohio, the two most ridiculous states in the union, vote. God help us.


Florida Or Ohio: Man Inherits 13,000 Item Clown Collection From His Father-In-Law

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A Florida man named Richard Levine has just inherited his father-in-laws 13,000 item clown collection -- masks, toys, dolls, paraphernalia, etc. -- and it is TERRIFYING.


Is This Powder-Faced Mugshot Man A Mystery Wrapped Within An Enigma Wrapped Within An 8-Ball?

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You know that scene in True Romance where Eliot is getting blown by a whore while speeding through the hills of Hollywood only to wind up with cocaine all over his face after getting pulled over by a cop.

local news

Coonskin Cap Witness: Florida or Ohio?

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There was an attempted robbery of a credit union, and the local news found a local bystander who witnessed the unsuccessful getaway.

local news

Oh. My. God.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, I present to you the most disgusting, repulsive local news story I've ever been exposed to.


‘Strange Addictions’ Glass Eater: FLORIDA OR OHIO?

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Once again, it's time to play our favorite game: FLORIDA OR OHIO.


House Burns Down Due to Lost Remote

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Okay, this is a really sad story, but it's also a story of great stupidity, so I'm going to try to take some of the edge off of this by playing one of our favorite games: FLORIDA OR OHIO.

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