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Please Enjoy Guy Fieri Eating Things In Slow-Motion Set To ‘Killing Me Softly’

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This apparently made some rounds on the web last year, but who gives a sh*'s gold.


How Do You Say ‘Heart Attack’ In German? The Undead Hasselhoff Hamburger.

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Iowa's Zombie Burger has created an over-the-top food tribute to both David Hasselhoff and stereotypical German food.

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Guy Fieri Gets Roasted With Another Hilariously Filthy Lip Dub

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Jaboody Dubs is back with another creatively profane Guy Fieri dub, and we have a ridiculous Vine to go with it.

guy fieri

Do You Ever Wonder If Guy Fieri Thinks Flavortown Is A Real Place?

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Just hear me out on this one: What if Guy Fieri thinks Flavortown is a real place? You know, like a food Atlantis.


Some Food Critic Actually Tried Guy Fieri’s ‘Cheesecake Challenge’ From His Vegas Kitchen & Bar

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Say a prayer for the brave soul who actually braved through Guy Fieri's cheesecake abomination.


Check Out These Guytastic Highlights From Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar Menu

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Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar has finally descended upon the tackiest place in the world.


Moment Of Zen: Matthew McConaughey Learns Healthy Lunch Tips From Guy Fieri

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Your Zen Friday video: Guy Fieri teaches Matthew McConaughey some healthy lunch tips.

guy fieri

Are You Ready To Have Guy Fieri’s Line Of Flavortown Roast Coffees ‘Stuffed Into Your Mug’?

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Not gonna lie, the official descriptions of these are kind of a letdown. I expect more out of you, Guy.


Marin Teen Max Wade Gets 21 To Life In Prison For Stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini And Trying To Kill A Guy

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Max Wade, the Marin County teenager who stole Guy Fieri's Lamborghini and shot up a classmate's car was sentenced to life in prison.


It’s Guy Fieri’s 46th Birthday, So Let’s Look Back On Some Of Mr. Flavortown’s Douchiest Moments

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Break out the chili-lime cheese sauce and put on your best pair of Oakleys, because it's Guy Fieri's birthday, brother!

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Here’s Guy Fieri Posing With A Balloon Version Of Guy Fieri

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When Guy Fieri meets the balloon version of Guy Fieri, we all win. I think.


Guy Fieri Dub: Meatball Grubbin’


Guy Fieri gets the always hilarious <a href="" target="_blank">Jaboody Dubs</a> treatment.


Coffee Maker Cooking Is A Thing Now According To The Internet

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From the makers of dishwasher cooking comes coffee maker cooking. The newest kitchen craze sweeping the nation.

Robert Rodriguez

The Hollyweird Legal Roundup 5: Max Wade and the stalled Danny Trejo Vehicle

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FilmDrunk's Hollywood legal correspondent offers his legalistic breakdown of the week in entertainment lawsuits, include the Guy Fieri-related attempted murder trial of Max Wade, and the Danny Trejo movie that may never be.

guy fieri

This Courtroom Sketch Artist’s Depiction Of Guy Fieri Is Impossibly Wonderful

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Those eyes. That hair. Guy Fieri looks like a man who may have just kicked his crying hairdresser out of an SUV.


Frotcast 176: The Guy Fieri Court Report, Matt Lieb’s sexual experiences

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It's a long podcast this week, but if you don't make it to the end, I'll just spoil it for you: Matt Lieb tells us about a girl who choked him out and spit in his face. Before that, I dish the Donkey Sauce on Guy Fieri's court appearance, and we discuss Bad Grandpa, Blackfish, Seduced and Abandoned, and Cloud Atlas. Listeners write to ask questions and tell us about their worst breakups (keep 'em coming! more lady questions!). Brendan revisits his impression of God, the movie producer who loves Yoohoo.


A California Teenager Has Been Found Guilty Of Stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini

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California teenager Max Wade was found guilty yesterday on a number of counts, ranging from attempted murder to stealing Guy Fieri's Lamborghini.


6 Things I Learned While Watching Guy Fieri Testify at an Attempted Murder Trial

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Yesterday, I traveled up to Marin County to watch Guy Fieri testify in the trial of Max Wade, the high school kid who stole Guy Fieri's yellow Lamborghini in March 2011 (when Wade was 16) and later allegedly shot at some people in 2012. I made this decision in the hopes that years from now, I'll be able to tell my grandkids that I watched the Mayor of Flavortown testify in an attempted murder trial. Now that I've checked that off the bucket list, I'm back to tell you all about it.

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