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Watch A Texting Driver Bring Swift, Painful Justice Upon Himself With The Worst Turn In Human History

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A driver who was later determined to be texting behind the wheel receives a gorgeous dose of Instant karma.


Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: The Twerk Team Has Been Freed

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"San Diego Unified School District will clear the records of the 31 students at Scripps Ranch High School who made a viral twerking video." JUSTICE AT LAST.


A Drunk, Racist Goldman Sachs Employee Got Knocked Out Cold By A Black Man He Dropped N-Word Bombs On

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A drunk, racist Goldman Sachs employee got knocked out by a black man he called the n-word on the street New York last night.


Suddenly, Jerry Sandusky Is Explaining How Justice Works

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Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coach who at the very least showered with young boys, touched their legs in the showers because he's just like Forrest Gump and ended a bunch of creepy voice mail messages with "there's nothing really to hide" and "I love you", thinks it's "unjust" for PSU to be fined and punished simply because he molested boys there and everyone in charge of him covered it up to maintain the integrity of their football program.


So Long, Jerry Sandusky

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Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was convicted Saturday on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse, misconduct, and a variety of other terrible, despicable, and truly heinous charges, which means that, barring an appeal miracle, the 68-year old will rot in jail until the day that he dies.

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The Worst Trek: Enter the Foul Four

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It was a narrow fight, but "Profit and Lace" makes it to the Foul Four.

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The Worst Trek Bracket Round 17: Meet Your Sulfurous Sixteen

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For the record, cross-dressing Ferengi apparently bring out the most hysterical snark from our commenters: "Profit and Lace" took out "Catspaw" in a landslide.

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The Worst Trek Episode Bracket Round Three: "Genesis" Vs. "Justice"

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Once again, the second entry into our Sulfurous Sixteen got in by a country mile: "Shades of Grey" advances to the next round.


Justice – “Cannon”

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If the majority of these righteous hipsters and grey-haired super-liberals occupying Wall Street were replaced with chain-welding bad-asses who'd actually just take what they want, Justice's "Cannon" might very well serve as great theme music.


New Trailer: Nic Cage is a Reluctant Vigilante

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After the jump, I've got the new trailer for Justice, starring Nic Cage, January Jones, and Guy Pearce, from Roger Donaldson, director of Dante's Peak, Species, and (the underrated) Bank Job.

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Turns Out Copyright Trolls Can’t Sue Everybody At Once After All


One of the big advantages copyright trolls have had so far in their endeavors is that they're able to sue lots of people all at once because, after all, if you used BitTorrent, you contributed a little bit to the fraud and so you should pay a million billion dollars.



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Business Dog got a call-back for the lead role NBC has ordered a pilot from Conan O'Brien's production company, Conaco.


6.2 The Cooler

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Titillating Tuesdays With Eve Cee-Lo, Justice, Little Boots Signed To Reborn Elektra Label [Billboard] New Gadget Will Synchronize Your iPhone Or iPod Wirelessly [Gizmodo] Who's Your Daddy, Stephen Curry? [TSB] How to Date a Porn Star, With Lana Cox [Coed] 10 Classic Video Moments Of [...].



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In a year that's seen Norbit and WildHogs  rule the box office, it's nice to see something perform the way it should.

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