Martin Freeman And Kate McKinnon Have A Dance Party In This Week’s ‘SNL’ Promo

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Expect a lot of ironic British humor when Martin Freeman hosts "SNL" this weekend.

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‘Can We Be Funny?': Lorne Michaels’ 11 Most Memorable ‘SNL’ Appearances

By | 6 Comments

Lorne Michaels isn't just a behind-the-scenes genius, he's also made plenty of memorable on-screen appearances on 'Saturday Night Live'.


Here Are Some Hilarious ‘SNL’ Premiere Promos Featuring Chris Pratt, Ariana Grande, And A Lot Of Pickles

By | 25 Comments

The first batch of promos for the 'SNL' season premiere have arrived, featuring some hilarious bits with Chris Pratt and Kate McKinnon.

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John Oliver, Nick Offerman, And Kate McKinnon Made A Fake News Show With Cookie Monster

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John Oliver and Cookie Monster: now there's a news team with integrity.


Kate McKinnon Explains The Key To Doing A Perfect Justin Bieber Impression

By | 7 Comments

Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber impression is our greatest natural resource, and she explained the process to Conan O'Brien.


The 10 Best ‘SNL’ Sketches This Season

By | 36 Comments

This wasn't a great season of "SNL," but there were a lot of great sketches. Here are 10 of them.


‘SNL’ Introduced The World To TV’s Next Great Crime Fighting Duo: Dyke And Fats

By | 3 Comments

Watch video of "Dyke and Fats" sketch from this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Louis C.K.


Zachary Levi & Kate McKinnon’s ‘Falling for You’ takes on the clumsy rom-com chick trope

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Here's Zachary Levi and SNL's Kate McKinnon starring in Falling for You, a new fake trailer that takes on one of the oldest, weirdest rom-com tropes in the book, the phenomenon whereby screenwriters think that in order to make the super-pretty female lead relatable, they have to show her being a clumsy doofus.


Saturday Night Live's Fake Wes Anderson Horror Trailer Was Pretty Accurate

By | 19 Comments

Edward Norton gave his best Owen Wilson impression in Saturday Night Live's fake Wes Anderson horror film trailer.


Kate McKinnon Does Her Ellen Impression In Front Of Ellen (And The Morning Links)

By | 4 Comments

Watch Kate McKinnon pretend to be Ellen in front of Ellen, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Kate McKinnon Takes Over ‘Ellen’


'Saturday Night Live' star Kate McKinnon does her perfect Ellen DeGeneres impression right next to Ellen.

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'SNL' Adds New Female Cast Member

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Amid speculation that Kristen Wiig may be leaving the show at the end of this season to focus on her post-Bridesmaids movie career, "Saturday Night Live" has added a new female cast member, Upright Citizen's Brigade performer Kate McKinnon.

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