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Let’s All Regress To Childhood And Laugh At These Newscasters With Funny Names


This supercut gives a shout out to the 'Dicks' and 'Wieners' of the broadcast journalism world.


Enjoy This Meteorologist’s Lively Improvised Forecast After His Weather Map Goes On The Fritz

By | 6 Comments

After his weather map showed insanely high temperatures, forecaster Cory McCloskey improvised a funny broadcast.

school board

Did This School Board Member Campaign At Her Opponent’s Daughter’s Funeral?

By | 3 Comments

Questions are swirling after campaign fliers for Kathy Korte, an Albuquerque Public Schools board member, were reportedly found on cars parked at the funeral for her opponent's daughter.


Watch This Pushy News Reporter Get Owned By A Daycare Employee

By | 43 Comments

In this awkward interview, a local news reporter tries to accuse a daycare director of not following adequate safety practices.


The People Of San Luis Obispo Are Way Too Excited About This Guy’s DeLorean

By | 4 Comments

People in San Luis Obispo, California are way too excited about this fake Doc Brown's replica DeLorean.


The Latest Trend In Property Management: DNA Testing Dog Poop To Punish Lazy Owners

By | 7 Comments

PooPrints is a service that does DNA tests on dog poop to identify and punish the guilty party. This is happening, people. We're DNA testing dog poop. Welcome to the future.


And Now, Even More Fantastic News Bloopers From 2014

By | 2 Comments

Its local news flubs galore in this latest news blooper video, but nothing compares to Cowboy Batman and background nudity.


Relive All Of The Funniest News Bloopers Of 2014 With The Annual ‘Best Of’ Supercut

By | 7 Comments

Here are the best news bloopers of 2014, all collected in one easy to watch supercut.


This School Punished A Blind Kid By Replacing His Cane With A Foam Pool Noodle

By | 24 Comments

Who would humiliate a blind kid by making him walk around with a pool noodle? This school, apparently.

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That Kid Who Went Full Diva On National TV Is Now An American Apparel Model

By | 7 Comments

Brendan Jordan became a viral video sensation thanks to a local newscast and now he's serving face as the new model for American Apparel.


Meet The Indiana Man Who Turned His Old Geo Metro Into A Spaceship

By | 4 Comments

An Indiana mechanic turned an old Geo Metro into a road-ready flying saucer.

olive garden

The Bizarre Story Of How One Man’s Pasta Pass Kindness Turned Into A Scorching Internet Controversy

By | 28 Comments

People are outraged over the success of a Utah man's viral video, because they think he fed the homeless with a Pasta Pass for Olive Garden.

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Here’s A Man Admitting He Set This House On Fire To The Local News

By | 2 Comments

This man calmly admits to setting this house on fire while on live TV, claiming to have a good reason for doing it.


‘Professional Cuddler’ Is An Actual Job And Business Seems To Be Good

By | 8 Comments

Portland's Samantha Hess is living the American dream, as her professional cuddling company is growing by leaps and bounds.


A Super Sneaky Woman Licked A News Reporter After Oregon Legalized Marijuana

By | 17 Comments

KOIN reporter Tim Becker got a little more than he bargained for while reporting on election coverage when a random woman licked him.

joe biden

Joe Biden Called A 3-Year Old Girl Because She ‘Calls’ Him On Her Toy Phone

By | 11 Comments

Because he's just a cool guy, Vice President Joe Biden called a young girl's family after he learned she had been 'calling' him.


What Is #Pointergate And Why Is It ‘The Most Racist Story Of 2014’?

By | 68 Comments

A Minneapolis reporter is feeling the wrath of Twitter after his station aired his story accusing the mayor of flashing gang signs.

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400,000 Bees Were Extracted From A Camper By A Man Named Critter McCool

By | 10 Comments

400,000 bees were extracted from a South Carolina camper by Critter McCool, the founder of the International Bee Extraction Group.

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