This Reporter Was Caught Off Guard By Her Co-Host Comparing Her To A McDonald’s Character

By | 11 Comments

Fox 2 St. Louis' April Simpson didn't know what to think when her co-host compared her to a famous McDonald's character live on the air.


Witnesses Could Smell This Guy’s Body Burning When His iPhone Exploded In His Pocket

By | 4 Comments

He had to rip his pants off at his cousin's wake on Valentine's Day.

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Watch This Reporter Get Wiped Out By A Large Wave During A Live Report

By | 7 Comments

French weather journalist Fanny Agostini most likely regrets going on this live report that ended when she was hit by a large wave.


This Local News Anchor Isn’t A Fan Of Lady Gaga’s ‘Jigaboo’ Music

By | 20 Comments

Pretty sure this anchor has no idea what "jigaboo" means.


Watch This Guy Spectacularly Forget Why He’s Being Interviewed On Live TV

By | 4 Comments

We can't help but feel at least a little bit bad for this poor guy.


According To KSWB Fox 5 In San Diego, President Obama Is A Rape Suspect

By | 2 Comments

Someone in the graphics department at KSWB Fox 5 made a really big mistake.

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Watch This Reporter Flawlessly Deflect A Videobomber During A Live News Report

By | 12 Comments

This reporter makes quick work of a crazy guy about to interrupt a live news report on measles.


Watch This Car Pulling A Skier In Snowy Detroit Hilariously Get Pulled Over By Cops

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While getting pulled by a car wearing skis during a snowstorm is fun, it's probably also not very safe.

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Let’s All Regress To Childhood And Laugh At These Newscasters With Funny Names


This supercut gives a shout out to the 'Dicks' and 'Wieners' of the broadcast journalism world.


Enjoy This Meteorologist’s Lively Improvised Forecast After His Weather Map Goes On The Fritz

By | 6 Comments

After his weather map showed insanely high temperatures, forecaster Cory McCloskey improvised a funny broadcast.

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Did This School Board Member Campaign At Her Opponent’s Daughter’s Funeral?

By | 3 Comments

Questions are swirling after campaign fliers for Kathy Korte, an Albuquerque Public Schools board member, were reportedly found on cars parked at the funeral for her opponent's daughter.


Watch This Pushy News Reporter Get Owned By A Daycare Employee

By | 43 Comments

In this awkward interview, a local news reporter tries to accuse a daycare director of not following adequate safety practices.


The People Of San Luis Obispo Are Way Too Excited About This Guy’s DeLorean

By | 4 Comments

People in San Luis Obispo, California are way too excited about this fake Doc Brown's replica DeLorean.


The Latest Trend In Property Management: DNA Testing Dog Poop To Punish Lazy Owners

By | 7 Comments

PooPrints is a service that does DNA tests on dog poop to identify and punish the guilty party. This is happening, people. We're DNA testing dog poop. Welcome to the future.


And Now, Even More Fantastic News Bloopers From 2014

By | 2 Comments

Its local news flubs galore in this latest news blooper video, but nothing compares to Cowboy Batman and background nudity.

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