Charlie Sheen

The Dental Technician Who Claimed Charlie Sheen Attacked Her Has Now Been Fired

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So, that whole thing with Charlie Sheen high on crack and attacking that lady with a knife might not be true, after all.

shark week

Shark Week Is Still A Load Of Hooey

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Shark Week continues to make fake documentaries based on interviews with by scientists they lied to. Okay!


Say It Ain’t So: Kevin Hart Hates Wrestling And Has Been Working Us This Entire Time

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Recent WWE Raw guest host and wrestling-talker-upper Kevin Hart revealed that he doesn't actually like or watch it, and is a colossal liar.


Reports: Lindsay Lohan Lied About Her Miscarriage, Is Off The Wagon And Dating A Married Man

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What a surprise: Dfferent sources are claiming that Lohan's miscarriage was a last minute ploy for sympathy and to justify her crappy behavior.


Was Last Night’s NCAA Championship Loss John Calipari’s Final Game With Kentucky?

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Former Kentucky player Rex Chapman seems to think that John Calipari is as good as signed as the next coach of the Lakers.

#james franco

James Franco Wants You To Know He Doesn’t Belong On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List

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Lindsay Lohan claims that she's slept with James Franco. James Franco on the other hand, denies sleeping with Lindsay Lohan. WHO YA GOT?


A Redditor Named ‘coolsexguy420boner’ Claims He Dated Kate Upton In High School

By | 16 Comments

People are calling BS on a random Redditor's harmless claim that he dated super duper model Kate Upton in high school.


Boise State's QB Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He Didn't Pee Off A Hotel Balcony

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Boise State QB Joe Southwick took a lie detector test to prove that he didn't pee from a hotel balcony in Hawaii last week.


Alex Rodriguez’s Deal For A Tell-All Book About His Feud With MLB? ‘Totally Fake’


A new report claims that Alex Rodriguez's supposed tell-all book deal for $5 million was totally made up.

talking dogs

This May Be One Of The Stupidest Local News Segments Ever Produced

By | 9 Comments

This news report by KLTV in Texas about a dog who can "talk" is one of the stupidest local news segments ever.


Cable TV Is Full of Liars

By | 44 Comments

This post was originally going to be about the History Channel <a href="">paying $3.5 million to advertise their show "Swamp People"</a> during the Super Bowl.

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