This Woman Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating When She Found His New Wedding Photos On Facebook

By | 20 Comments

Ladies: What would you do if you discovered that your husband had a completely different secret life?

brian williams

NBC Is Suspending Brian Williams For Six Months Without Pay

By | 22 Comments

Lester Holt will continue to fill in for Brian Williams, who now has a lot of free time to think about what he has done.

double dicked dudes

People Are Questioning The Authenticity Of Some Of The Claims In The Double Dick Dude’s Memoir

By | 24 Comments

Could the man who goes by "DoubleDickDude" online be nothing more than a LYING LIAR WHO TELLS LIES?


Is This The Gift Basket Derek Jeter Gave To One-Night Stands?

By | 6 Comments

Who wants a Derek Jeter gift basket, full of Derek Jeter love juice?


Mueller Report: No Evidence NFL Saw Ray Rice Elevator Video Before The Public

By | 6 Comments

Hats off to Roger Goodell for somehow keeping his job after the Mueller Report.

#American Horror Story

Is Ryan Murphy Already Backpedaling On What He Promised Viewers For ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’?

By | 12 Comments

Ryan Murphy is already going back on what Ryan Murphy said about 'American Horror Story' just last month.

Charlie Sheen

The Dental Technician Who Claimed Charlie Sheen Attacked Her Has Now Been Fired

By | 2 Comments

So, that whole thing with Charlie Sheen high on crack and attacking that lady with a knife might not be true, after all.

shark week

Shark Week Is Still A Load Of Hooey

By | 19 Comments

Shark Week continues to make fake documentaries based on interviews with by scientists they lied to. Okay!


Say It Ain’t So: Kevin Hart Hates Wrestling And Has Been Working Us This Entire Time

By | 26 Comments

Recent WWE Raw guest host and wrestling-talker-upper Kevin Hart revealed that he doesn't actually like or watch it, and is a colossal liar.


Reports: Lindsay Lohan Lied About Her Miscarriage, Is Off The Wagon And Dating A Married Man

By | 17 Comments

What a surprise: Dfferent sources are claiming that Lohan's miscarriage was a last minute ploy for sympathy and to justify her crappy behavior.


Was Last Night’s NCAA Championship Loss John Calipari’s Final Game With Kentucky?

By | 6 Comments

Former Kentucky player Rex Chapman seems to think that John Calipari is as good as signed as the next coach of the Lakers.

#james franco

James Franco Wants You To Know He Doesn’t Belong On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List

By | 18 Comments

Lindsay Lohan claims that she's slept with James Franco. James Franco on the other hand, denies sleeping with Lindsay Lohan. WHO YA GOT?


A Redditor Named ‘coolsexguy420boner’ Claims He Dated Kate Upton In High School

By | 16 Comments

People are calling BS on a random Redditor's harmless claim that he dated super duper model Kate Upton in high school.


Boise State's QB Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He Didn't Pee Off A Hotel Balcony

By | 2 Comments

Boise State QB Joe Southwick took a lie detector test to prove that he didn't pee from a hotel balcony in Hawaii last week.


Alex Rodriguez’s Deal For A Tell-All Book About His Feud With MLB? ‘Totally Fake’


A new report claims that Alex Rodriguez's supposed tell-all book deal for $5 million was totally made up.

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