Tonight show superlatives

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Superlatives, NBA Finals Edition

Tonight Show Superlatives is one of Jimmy Fallon's most consistently-funny segments, and last night's NBA Finals edition was no letdown.

david blatt

Given The Warriors’ Game 4 Win, Should The Cavs Go Deeper Into Their Bench?

The Warriors made some lineup adjustments and won Game 4. David Blatt and the Cavs might consider doing the same for Game 5 Sunday.

#2015 NBA Finals

Who Drained The Finals 3-Pointer Better While Wearing One Sneaker: Andre Iguodala Or Mike Miller?


Iggy knocked down a three-pointer in Game 1 of the Finals wearing only one sneaker. Mike Miller did the same against the Spurs in 2013.


The Minnesota Timberwolves Teach A Master Class In Trolling Kevin Love


With Kevin Love making his return to Minnesota on Saturday night, the Timberwolves mocked him in this intense 'Return' video.


‘Wolves Tease Kevin Love With Video Hyping Mike Miller’s Return To Minny

Kevin Love will play his first and only game at the Minnesota Timberwolves' Target Center this Saturday.


Healthy Mike Miller To Replace Shawn Marion In Starting Lineup For Cavs

Mike Miller has missed the last seven games with lingering effects of a concussion.


Kyrie Irving To Mike Miller Against Bulls: Is This What A Playoff Game Feels Like?

Among many questions facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014-2015 is how Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will react when the stakes are highest come spring.


Go Behind The Scenes Of Cavaliers Practice With NBA’s Phantom Cam

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers might be the league newest super-team, but they certainly have work to do to meet expectations.


Report: LeBron Thought Amnesty Of Mike Miller Was “Unnecessary Change”

There are still Miami Heat fans who are shuffling around South Beach wondering what happened this summer.


Mike Miller Says David Blatt’s Offense Is “Borderline Genius”

After two wholly successful yet mostly overlooked seasons as the Miami Heat's head coach, Erik Spoelstra suddenly found himself guiding the most heavily scrutinized team in sports come fall 2010.


Report: Ray Allen “Leaning” Towards Joining Cavs

After LeBron James joined the Cavs this off-season, Mike Miller turned down more lucrative offers to come aboard and James' own favorite shooter -- who was often buried on the bench under Erik Spoelstra in Miami -- James Jones also signed.


Report: Mike Miller Agrees With Cavs

Things just keep getting better for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Report: Vince Carter Signs 3-Year, $12 Million Deal With Grizzlies


Free agent Vince Carter will sign a three-year, $12 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, the team has announced last night.


Internet Finds Clues To Support LeBron James’ Return To Cleveland


After LeBron James met with Pat Riley yesterday and left the meeting without a commitment to sign with the Miami Heat, speculation that LeBron is heading back to Cleveland has intensified.


GIF: Kendrick Perkins Uses Mike Miller As A Chair

The Thunder lost a second straight overtime affair against the Grizzlies on Thursday night.


Kendrick Perkins Declares Mike Miller The Most Comfortable Lawn Chair In The NBA

Kendrick Perkins decided to spend some time sitting on Mike Miller, big brother style, during game 3 of Thunder/Grizzlies. So comfortable!


Miami Mobs Mike Miller After He Accepts His Championship Ring

Former Miami team member, and two-time champion, Mike Miller was back in Miami Friday night with the Grizzlies in town.


Which Team Has Been A Bigger Bust This Year: Cleveland Or Memphis?

With everyone so focused on the double travesties going down in the Big Apple -- New York is ready to can Mike Woodson and Brooklyn has resorted to all types of shady practices involving soda to try to win games -- two other underachievers have gotten away relatively unscathed.

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