Marvel Revealed Their Big Plans For ‘Secret Wars’ Today, But Insist That It Is Not A Reboot (UPDATED)

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Marvel has announced some details behind their upcoming 'Secret Wars' event, including some cancellations and talk of reboots.


Marvel Hints At The End Of Miles Morales As ‘Ultimate Spiderman’

By | 19 Comments

Many fans were excited to see the bold new direction the Miles Morales was bringing 'Ultimate Spiderman', but it seems his reign as the webslinger is coming to a close.


The New Spidey Is a Human Taser?

By | 11 Comments

We all know that Marvel is turning their Ultimate Spidey into a biracial hero, which unlike Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs I'm pretty cool with.


Glenn Beck Blames Michelle Obama For Blatino Spider-Man. LOL Wut?

By | 11 Comments

Yesterday the So what did Glenn Beck actually say about Spider-Man when he wasn't busy equating murdered Norwegian children with the Hitler Youth.


Marvel's Finally Giving Us Our Black Spider-Man. Sort Of.

By | 6 Comments

Even though we didn't get <a href="../2010/06/stan-lee-donald-glover-should-be-able-to-audition-for-spider-man">Donald Glover as Spider-Man</a> after all, we're still sort of getting what we asked for on some of those notes we tied to bricks and threw at Joe Quesada and Axel Alonso's houses.

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