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Travel Back In Time With These Amazing Nintendo Skins For The PS4 And Xbox One

These amazing Nintendo Skins for the PS4 and Xbox One will make your Wii U feel more comfortable by the TV.

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Super Mario Bros. Parkour

If you think parkour is exciting, just wait until you see Mario and Luigi do it.

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Scrooge Is A Regular Chatty McCathy In New ‘DuckTales: Remastered’ Footage


How close is 'DuckTales: Remastered' to the original NES game?

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Giant Homemade Fire-Breathing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Piranha Plant

Caleb Kraft built a six-foot-tall, fire-breathing piranha plant just like the ones in the 'Mario' video game series.

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These Miniature Lego Consoles Are 8-Bit Adorable

Tiny Lego video game consoles! So cute!


I Can’t Wait Until Toronto Blue Jays X-2


If I'm making a list of things I love and have to constantly defend, "baseball" and "Final Fantasy games" are at the top of the list.


The ‘Do The Mario’ Supercut

Here's every single guest star "Doing the Mario" on the 1980's children's hit Super Mario Bros' Super Show in one four minute video.

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Mario’s Ex

Princess Peach isn't happy about Mario's inability to shake his Donkey Kong past.


Cat Scared of Mario’s Jumps

The sound of Mario jumping sends this scaredy cat leaping in terror.

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Nintendohemian Rhapsody

This is by far the best Nintendo-themed parody of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' you'll ever see.

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Super Mario Bros A Cappella Medley

A cappella masters Nick McKaig and Julien Neel perform the best instrument-free rendition of the Super Mario Bros.

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Rubert da Koopa

Super Mario Bros.

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Which Nintendo Console Launch Is The Best? An Overly Elaborate Analysis


Yesterday Nintendo laid out their Wii U launch plans in detail. How's it stack up against it's past console launches?

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How Much Are Mario's Coins Worth?

An in-depth economic look at what Mario's coins from the Mushroom Kingdom would be worth in the real world.

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Super Mario Bros. Ping Pong Sequence

A couple of roommates (who apparently record all of their ping pong games) hit a series of shots that sound just like the opening of the Super Mario Bros.

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Dubbo Dwibbo

Mario and Fafa of Glove and Boots -- who I will regard as real people even though they are puppets -- made two videos showing the classic video games you can play on the Wii, including Pac-Man, lost Mario levels, Ice Hockey, Punch-Out (which is no longer Mike Tyson related), and Splatterhouse, a game that's "already scary, because the graphics are so bad.

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SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. Abobo’s Big Adventure Has Officially Begun


We already brought you the trailer and the first ten minutes of gameplay from Abobo’s Big Adventure, and now the full game is free to play online.

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The First Ten Minutes Of Abobo’s Big Adventure Rocked My Face Off


Yesterday we SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. and watched the trailer for "Abobo's Big Adventure", an in-development NES-style free flash game that will pit Abobo from Double Dragon against hundreds of sprites from classic 8-bit games including Super Mario Bros.

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