This Guy’s Oreo Trick Shots Could Earn Him An NBA Contract


These unbelievably difficult shots will definitely wow you (and probably make you hungry).


Don’t Worry, There Is No Such Thing As A Fried Chicken Oreo… Yet.

An image of a bag of fried chicken Oreos is making the rounds, but before you vomit, know that it's just a photoshop.


Oreo’s Mad Scientists Have Created A Limeade Cookie And Must Be Stopped


A limited edition limeade Oreo cookie has been spotted in stores, and now there is no flavor left on Earth that will be safe from Nabisco.


And Now There’s A Twitter-Powered Oreo Robot For Your Home

Your kitchen may never be the same once you let this little Oreo-making personal robot butler into your home.


SXSW Brings You The Twitter-Powered Oreo

If you don't get to go to the Jay-Z concert at SXSW this week, you can at least console yourself with a poorly-constructed Oreo cookie.


Allow Conan To Show You How Bad Oreos Are For You

Oreos are seriously detrimental to your health; as bad as cocaine is, apparently. Yes, it may be news to you and I, but Oreos are apparently THAT addictive.


Horrifying Study: Oreos May Be As Addictive As Cocaine


A recent study suggests that high sugar snacks like Oreos may be just as addictive to people as drugs like cocaine.

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R. Kelly Has Either Ruined Or Made Oreos SO Much Better With His New Song 'Cookie'

"I love to lick the middle like an Oreo," sings R Kelly in his new song, "Cookie."


Frank Ocean Wants To Write A Novel About Twins, Doesn’t Care For Oreos With Almond Milk

Frank Ocean may actually be the most interesting man in the world. Did I mention that he's from New Orleans?

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