Here’s What It Looks Like When You Run Into A Drunk Charlie Sheen In Paris

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A Redditor posted the following photos of what appears to be a very intoxicated Charlie Sheen hanging out with some dudes in Paris.


Some Monster Stole Ben And Leslie’s Paris Love Lock From ‘Parks And Recreation’

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The person who stole Ben and Leslie's love lock is history's greatest monster.


Tony Danza Went To The Louvre For The First Time And Set Up The Easiest Joke

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Providing a little 'Who's the Boss?' nostalgia, actor Tony Danza Tweeted a picture of himself in front of the Mona Lisa.

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Watch Kanye West's Strange Reaction To This French Woman Who Has No Clue Who He Is

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While talking to some paparazzi in Paris this weekend, Kanye West was greeted by a woman who had no clue who he was,

The Infrequently Used Robe Tag

David Letterman Got A Very Fancy Robe From Paris For Making Fun Of Parisians


Comedian and late night talk show host David Letterman got a brand new robe sent all the way from Paris... just for making fun of Parisians.

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Here’s Sigur Rós Performing ‘Hrafntinna’ Beautifully In A Cave Beneath Paris


Sigur Rós performing anywhere is beautiful. Sigur Rós performing in a cave beneath Paris is even more beautiful.

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Please, Go Ahead, Take A Moment To Dream About Paris In The Winter


I want to go to Paris. I'd go right now if I could. I feel like my soul could use an infusion of Paris. Perhaps yours could too?


Here’s Some Street Art Of Muhammad Ali Knocking Out Street Fighter’s Ryu

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According to the great, in-depth research that I do before writing any post, the Rue Saint-Denis is a really old street in Paris, France and it’s full of hookers.

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Enjoy The Alabama Shakes Performing A Song On The Streets Of Paris


Because going back to work after an extended period of being off sucks, here is something beautiful to make you happy: the marvelous Alabama Shakes playing a pretty song on the streets of Paris.

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‘Paris In Motion’ Presents One Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities Beautifully


Hey do you like cool time lapse web videos? Do you also like Paris? Well I think you might like this video!


Just When You Thought Gwyneth Paltrow Couldn't Possibly Be Any More Ridiculous…

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Last weekend, <a href="">9/11 hero/white affluence performance artist</a> Gwyneth Paltrow <a href="">nourished her inner aspect</a> by taking in a Kanye West and Jay-Z Watch The Throne concert in Paris, France.


D’Angelo Is Back, Apparently

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As someone who was a bit of a D'Angelo fan before he voluntarily fell off the radar about a decade ago, I feel sort of ashamed for having no idea that he was attempting a comeback until <a href="!/questlove">Questlove tweeted links</a> late last night to the two videos from a concert in Paris below.


France Has Surrendered To The Homeless


More than 500 bums, hobos, transients, tramps, and the “socially marginalized” from 48 countries have gathered in Paris, France for <a href="">the 9th annual Homeless Cup games</a>.


Pop Culture Themed 'Post-It War' Breaks Out In France


Earlier this summer, employees at the video game development firm Ubisoft Montreuil in Paris started decorating their office windows with video game and pop culture images made from colored sticky notes.

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