This Animated Video Tells The Story Behind Adam Sandler’s Attempt To See Shaq’s Penis

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Remember when Adam Sandler tried to sneak a peek at Shaq's penis? Well, here's the animated version of that story.


Jenn Sterger Waited Years To Unleash This Brett Favre D*ck Joke

By | 30 Comments

Jenn Sterger's back in the news today after delivering this penis joke about Brett Favre.

Stupid Pranks

Why Would Anyone Let A Subway Door Close On Their Penis?

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This goes without saying but you shouldn't let the subway door close on your penis.


A Man Was Banned From A Hilton Hotel For Life Over A Really Bad Penis Joke

By | 4 Comments

Thanks to a pretty dumb trouser snake joke on his online reservation, a man was banned from a Hilton in the UK by a 'fuddy-duddy' manager.


Remember The Girl Who Used Nike+ To Draw A Penis? Guess What She Drew Now!

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The Redditor who mapped her Nike+ in the shape of a penis to win a bet mapped her next one for a very fitting follow-up.


A Girl Bet Her Friend That She Wouldn’t Draw A Penis With Nike+ And Here’s The Result

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One girl is $20 richer after her friend bet her that she couldn't use her Nike+ app to map a run shaped like a penis and she proved her wrong.


Anthony Weiner Flipped The Bird To Reporters After He Conceded Defeat

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Beleaguered former congressman Anthony Weiner gave reporters something to remember him by as he drove away after losing the New York City mayoral race.


Celebrate Anthony Watts, The Penis-Biting Rugby League Player

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Rugby player Anthony Watts is under investigation for his role in, uh, biting another man's penis. Because rugby is aggressive and weird.


A Minor League Team Wants Fans To Tweet Their Hot Dogs For Anthony Weiner

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Oh how Minor League Baseball loves courting controversy with the most salacious of promotional events.

spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines Took A Shot At Anthony Weiner Again With Another Zany Ad


Just like in 2011, Spirit Airlines has launched an ad campaign that makes fun of Anthony Weiner's latest extramarital online affairs.


Scientists Are Now Growing Naughty Bits In The Lab

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Sorry if this trips your job's website filter.


Come for the Food…Yeah, That’s About Right

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What are the odds that the guy in the video below — who tells the Travel Channel that he "pleasures" himself once a week by eating his favorite burger, one that "comes in your mouth" as "one big explosion" — knew what he was sexually implying.

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