So, Things Are Going Well For Chris Duhon

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Former NBA guard Chris Duhon was intentionally struck with a car after a dispute in an Orlando parking garage, say police reports.


Rihanna’s Racy Tweets Lead To The Arrest Of A Strip Club Owner In Thailand

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After Rihanna tweeted about a racy sex show she saw in Thailand, authorities swooped in and arrested the club owner.


Wrestling Garbage Man Becomes Drug Dealing Special Ed Teacher

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Wrestling garbage man Duke The Dumpster Droese, now a special education teacher, was recently arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer.


Hey, Smalls, You Wanna S’more? Some More Of What? S’more Jail Time.

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Back in July, we included the classic "lose valuable memorabilia and fear being attacked by a dog" classic <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/07/73-sports-movies-in-73-days-the-sandlot-special-20th-anniversary-edition" target="_blank">The Sandlot</a> in our ongoing <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/73-sports-movies-in-73-days" target="_blank">73 Sports Movies In 73 Days feature</a>.


Smalls From ‘The Sandlot’ Was Arrested For Headbutting A Cop In An Airport

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Tom Guiry, Small from "The Sandlot," was arrested after drunkenly headbutting a police officer in the Houston airport.


A Guy On Crutches Tried To Break Into Kid Rock’s House. No, Seriously


A Detroit man was arrested for trying to break into Kid Rock's house using a van and a pair of crutches. Because he was ON CRUTCHES.


A 7’2″ ‘Masterchef’ Contestant Punched A Cop And Claimed He Was Possessed By Gordon Ramsay

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Josh Marks, a 7'2" Season 3 contestant on Fox's "MasterChef," was arrested after he punched a police officer and claimed Gordon Ramsay possessed his body.


Real Life ‘Weeds': A Suburban Mom Allegedly Ran A Multi-Million Dollar Pot Operation

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In what appears to be an East coast version of Showtime's "Weeds," a suburban mom has been charged with running a multi-million dollar marijuana operation.


40-Girl Softball Brawl Highlights Include A Bit Stomach

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This is supposed to be a picture of a 40-person girls softball brawl.


Real Life ‘Breaking Bad': Middle School Tutor With Stage III Cancer Arrested In Meth Bust

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In a case of real life mimicking "Breaking Bad," a Massachusetts tutor suffering from stage III cancer was arrested in a meth bust.


A Kentucky Man Broke Into A Supermarket, Cooked 6 Steaks And Went Through 57 Cans Of Whipped Cream

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A Kentucky man broke into a supermarket, went through 57 cans of whipped cream, ate six steaks, and soiled himself before police found him in the morning. USA! USA! USA!


Canadian ‘Dexter’ Copycat Killer Still Watching ‘Dexter’ In Maximum Security Prison, Obvs

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A Canadian murderer who based his crimes on "Dexter" has been spending his sentence watching "Dexter" reruns in maximum security prison. Oh. Okay.


Here's One Of The Best Stories About Feuding Ice Cream Truck Drivers You Will Ever Read

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If you are looking for a story featuring an ice cream truck driver calling his competitor and shouting "I own this town," I have good news for you.


‘X Factor’ Contestant Steals Car After Audition, Leads Police On High-Speed Chase

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An "X Factor" contestant has been arrested after stealing a car after his audition and leading police on a high speed chase. "Fast 6" opens May 24.


Voice Of Charlie Brown Pleads Guilty To Stalking His Ex And The Doctor Who Gave Her Breast Implants

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Put another hole in your childhood. The voice of Charlie Brown faces up to three years in jail for stalking and threatening his ex and her plastic surgeon.

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