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Twitter Trolls Celebrated The Start Of One Direction’s World Tour By Pranking Their Fans

One Direction kicked off their worldwide tour last night in Sydney and some Twitter trolls pulled a mean Twitter prank for the occasion.


This Isn’t Single Barrel: A British Con Man Was Caught Selling Feces Tainted Urine As Whiskey


One cunning conman figured out if he mixed his pee up with poo it would look like whiskey, so he sold it as such.

blake lively

Here’s The Tricky Way Amber Tamblyn Found Out Blake Lively Had A Baby

Blake Lively pulled a prank on her good friend Amber Tamblyn to introduce her new baby.


The Coolest Friend Ever Turned This House Into A Discount ‘Harry Potter’ World As A Birthday Surprise

One friend is a huge Harry Potter fan. The other friend found out and turned her home into magical 'Harry Potter' world.

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This Guy Dressed As A Mortal Kombat Character To Prank People In An Elevator


Internet prankster surprises people in an elevator while dressed like a character from 'Mortal Kombat' and the reactions run the gamut.

#Viral Videos

A Prankster Pissed Off His Friend By Imitating His iPhone Notifications


Because that Facebook message alert wasn't annoying enough already.

#Viral Videos

Watch These Hilarious Reactions To A Devil Baby Being Strolled Around Manhattan

Setting up a mechanical-springing devil baby from hell, the Devil's Due promotional team filmed around New York as people lost their sh*t.

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