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Seth Rogen Was Banned From A Steakhouse For His ‘American Sniper’ Comments

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Seth Rogen and Michael Moore are no longer welcome in a steakhouse in Michigan.

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Ron Swanson Food Moments That Will Make You Embarrassed To Know A Vegetarian

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Ron Swanson's assorted musings about meat can help win the battle meat-eaters and vegetarians.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Barbecuing

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Sick of dry chicken and grey steak? Here's how to get the best barbecue, every time.


Watch Molly Schuyler House Two 72 Ounce Steaks In 15 Minutes

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Molly Schuyler not only shattered Joey Chestnut's record for eating the Big Texan steak, but she ate a second one just for emphasis.


A.1.’s ‘New Friend Request’ Commercial Is A Strangely Beautiful Food Love Story

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A.1. is dropping the 'Steak' from its name in this delightful new commercial that has the sauce partying with new foods on Facebook.


This Tiny Woman Ate A 72-Ounce Steak In Under Three Minutes

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Ron Swanson has found his future wife. Sorry, Lucy Lawless.

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