Here’s Exactly How To Make Jake’s Perfect Sandwich From ‘Adventure Time’

“I am ready to receive instruction from the realm of creation above me for the sandwich I am about to conceive. I am open, use me”

The hardest working man on YouTube is back it with his homage to the extremely popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Andrew Rea (also known as Binging With Babish) dropped a video on how to create “Jake’s Perfect Sandwich” from the award-winning show.

If you’ve never seen Adventure Time, it’s a whimsical, sometimes hilarious cartoon about a boy named Finn and a dog named Jake who go on adventures in the Land of Ooo. Taking some themes from Dungeons and Dragons and the creators’ twisted minds, Finn and Jake’s world is full of strange characters like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire, the Ice King, as well as giants, demons, various monsters, living pieces of candy, and an eel-like rainbow-colored unicorn that only speaks Korean. So you can imagine what a sandwich on this show would look like…

Here it is:

Surprisingly, the show’s creators actually did a pretty good job of making a how-to video in the show itself. Rea only had to change a few things (because they didn’t really exist in reality) to create (more or less) the same exact sandwich that Jake created.

Just like Jake, Rea starts with a sous vide steak. He uses a Bowman’s ribeye and adds salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary before putting it into a vacuum-sealed bag and placing it in a 135 degree sous vide machine. For the bird, Rea chose a Cornish game hen (because pigeons probably won’t give the sandwich the flavor he desires). He completely de-bones it in a process he calls “like doing surgery,” and follows this by making a lobster “soul” which is actually more like a lobster aioli. To re-create the sandwich, he also has to use a torch to toast the bread and brown up the steak. And, in order to really stick to Jake’s recipe, Rea needs to procure his own tears. Yes, you read that right. One of the ingredients is his tears. This really is the perfect sandwich.

What’s next for Rea? The cartoon world is full of food choices. Maybe he’ll tackle the “Gummy Venus De Milo” or Ralph Wiggum’s “Grilled Crayon Sandwich” from The Simpsons.