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George Clooney Is Going To Great Lengths To Get People Drunk At His Wedding

George Clooney's best friend and business partner Rande Gerber loaded a private jet with 100 cases of tequila for George Clooney's wedding.

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About The Time Bill Murray Almost Ruined Letterman’s First Show With Three Gallons Of Cheap Tequila


In which David Letterman tells a story about Bill Murray and three gallons of cheap tequila.


Conan, Jeff Goldblum, And Angie Harmon Doing Tequila Shots May Be The Greatest Thing Ever


When Conan breaks out the alcohol on his show, things get wild, funny and creepy all at once. Especially with Jeff Goldblum riding shotgun.


Bill Hader Swigged Tequila And Did The 'Yo Gabba Gabba' 'Dancey Dance' On Letterman Last Night


Watch Bill Hader, dressed like he's making a run to Home Depot, demonstrate something called the "Dancey Dance," which is apparently a big thing in Yo Gabba Gabba land. It also drives one to swig tequila straight from the bottle, it appears.

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