Kanye Reportedly Paid The Kid He Beat Up $250K To Settle


For $250,000, I might insult just about anyone.

TMZ Is The Worst

Do You Hate What ESPN Has Become? Then You’re Going To Loathe ‘TMZ Sports’ On TV

By | 7 Comments

Only available in certain markets, a 'TMZ Sports' TV show could eventually be broadcast nationwide, thus opening the gates to hell.

call of duty

Anderson Silva’s Rehabbing His Broken Leg By Killing A Bunch Of Nazis

By | 2 Comments

TMZ reporters caught up with broken-legged Anderson Silva and found out that he's suddenly really into video games, including Call of Duty.


Kanye West Allegedly Punched A Guy At The Chiropractor’s Office In The Least Believable Story Of 2014

By | 12 Comments

Kanye West is being investigated by the LAPD for allegedly punching the most racist and homophobic 18-year old guy on the planet.


Shaq Won’t Let His Ex-Wife Parade Their Children Around On A Reality Series

By | 15 Comments

A judge has ruled in Shaq's favor that his ex-wife, Shaunice, cannot have their kids on a reality series, but she plans to keep fighting the decision.


TMZ Finally Jumps The Shark…Then Calls It A N*gga

By | 26 Comments

Dear TMZ, in the words of Flavor Flav, "I don't wanna be called yo n****"


Charles Barkley On Michael Jordan: ‘Black People Don’t Play Beer Pong’

By | 15 Comments

When asked if he could win a game of beer pong with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley explained why 'black people don't play beer pong.'

adam sandler

Report: Peter Dante Had A ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Meltdown

By | 53 Comments

Happy Madison regular Peter Dante was thrown out of a Santa Monica hotel and is accused of making threats and using racist terms.


With Leather’s Watch This: Glen Davis Broke A Motel Computer Because YOLO!

By | 4 Comments

A motel's surveillance footage showed Magic player Glen Davis throwing a temper tantrum around 4 AM when he couldn't get a room.


Richie Incognito Shirtless N-Bombs Are The Most Richie Incognito Thing Of The Day

By | 8 Comments

Richie Incognito's trouble continue today as TMZ has posted a video of him shirtlessly raging in a bar, yelling the N-word. Because you're slandering him!

people who have butts

TMZ Wants To Talk About Kim Kardashian’s Ass

By | 13 Comments

Journalistic outlet TMZ devotes an entire video segment to Kim Kardashian's ass and existence thereof. Even for TMZ, it's pretty damn misogynistic.


Mr. Magorium director on Breaking Bad: “No one has two copies of Mr. Magorium.”

By | 16 Comments

Be advised, this is the mildest spoiler ever, but nonetheless, SPOILER ALERT: in the last episode of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston's Walter White finds himself in place with two copies of Mr.


TMZ Asked Matt Leinart About His Ex’s New Baby (With Blake Griffin) In Front Of His Son

By | 5 Comments

A TMZ Sports reporter asked Matt Leinart about his ex's new baby with NBA star Blake Griffin in front of his son.

RJ Mitte, AKA Walt Jr From ‘Breaking Bad’, Seems To Enjoy Getting The TMZ Treatment

By | 12 Comments

RJ Mitte, the actor who plays Walt Jr on Breaking Bad, popped up on TMZ tonight leaving a nightclub with a young lady. Then TMZ made it awkward.


Kimbo Slice Still Wants To Fight Butterbean Because It’s Better Than Nothing, I Guess

By | 4 Comments

As much as some of us have laughed at the idea of Tito Ortiz and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson headlining Bellator’s debut PPV in November, I think most of us are still going to watch with the expectations that we’re going to get 100% effort from both guys and that may lead to a great fight.


The Video In Which Elke The Stallion Balances A Coke Can On Her Outrageous Donk

By | 23 Comments

Renowned urban model and video vixen Elke The Stallion burst into the mainstream this summer as her ample backside made literal and figurative waves in the video for <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/05/major-lazer-ft-bruno-mars-2-chainz-tyga-mystic-bubble-butt-remix-video">Major Lazer’s “Bubble Butt.”</a> An eagle-eyed TMZ cameraman spotted Elke on the street recently and briefly spoke with her about her past and lear.

blurred lines

Marvin Gaye’s Son Is Still Talking About Suing Robin Thicke, Who Is Already Suing Him

By | 6 Comments

Marvin Gaye III told TMZ that he is still considering taking legal action against Robin Thicke for allegedly stealing his late father's music.


Original 'Superman' Producer Ilya Salkind Wasn't Very Impressed With 'Man Of Steel'

By | 15 Comments

It’s not often that we give credit to TMZ cameramen for asking good questions, having a decent amount of knowledge on any particular subject or simply not coming off as knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing instigators.

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