Under Armour Offers Kevin Durant Millions To Leave Nike

By | 27 Comments

Could KD's run with the Swoosh be coming to an end?


Suck It, America: This Dutch Skating Coach Thinks American Football Sucks

By | 41 Comments

Dutch skating coach Jillert Anema made some inflammatory remarks about the United States, particularly that we're wasting our time playing sucky football.


Did Under Armour Accidentally Sabotage The USA Speed Skating Team At Sochi?

By | 15 Comments

The USA Speed Skating team might have been sabotaged, completely by accident.


Under Armour’s New ‘Roots Of Fight’ Line Celebrates Boxing’s Most Iconic Fighters


The awesome new Roots of Fine line from Under Armour celebrates boxing legends Mike Tyson, Ray Mancini, Lennox Lewis, Jack Johnson and Joe Frazier.


Keith Olbermann Nailed It On Why Sports Uniforms And Politics Don’t Mix

By | 10 Comments

Keith Olbermann ranted about why sports uniforms and politics don't mix, citing (among other things) Rob Ford's tie


Cam Newton Fined $10K Because Of Forbes Magazine?

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The most obnoxious part about <a href="http://www.complex.com/sports/2013/09/cam-newton-fined-for-equipment-violation">Cam Newton getting fined $10k</a> for wearing a non League-approved, from the outside looking in, isn't even the fact that he got fined.

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Investigation: Has The Rock run out of shirts?

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The Rock's reality show, The Hero, has its second episode tonight on TNT, and I thought this was as good time a time as any to put out to you the reader a question that's been on our minds for some time now: has The Rock run out of actual shirts.


Julio Jones Shows Defensive Backs “How It Ends” In New Under Armour Ad

By | 8 Comments

To some degree, nearly every NFL player boasts the athleticism of a video game cheat code.


Check Out Bryce Harper’s New Under Armour Ad And/Or 1980s Music Video

By | 3 Comments

Washington Nationals sophomore Bryce Harper is probably going to be one of the best players of this generation and possibly the best player with a faux hawk in Major League Baseball history.


Brandon Jennings’ Donates Basketball Courts In Compton In New “Under The Armour” Episode

By | 3 Comments

The saying "never forget where you come from" is about a true statement as there ever has been.


Brandon Jennings’ “Under The Armour” Season 2 Begins Now


For a NBA baller, just because your number wasn't called for the Olympic Games doesn't mean sitting around for the summer is an option.


Are You From HERE?: Brandon Jennings Shines For Compton In New Under Armour Ad

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Kendrick ain't the only kid from Compton TSS has love for.

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11.2 The Cooler

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Viantha Foxx Pete Townshend Calls Apple 'Digital Vampires' Over iTunes' Commissions [Spinner] Wolf Blitzer Claims He Convinced Michael Jordan to Play for the Wizards [Slam] The 10 Smoothest Hip-Hop Executives in the Game [Vibe] The Musicians Least Likely to Get You Laid [Flavorwire] The [...].


Brandon Jennings Goes “Under The Armour” In Cali

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/brandon-jennings">Brandon Jennings</a> takes the Under Armour cameras back to L.


“Under The Armour” With Brandon Jennings

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David Stern’s <a href="http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Lockout-goodness-Stern-is-unavailable-for-two-w?urn=nba-wp7401">on vacation</a>.


2.10 The Cooler

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=168431"> Vanette Ciara Dropped From Jive Records <a href="http://concreteloop.com/2011/02/round-the-way-ciara-dropped-from-jive-records">[Concrete Loop]</a> How Inappropriate Is Your Valentine.



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Last weekend, as some friends and I drove past the lovely harbor city* of Baltimore, someone mentioned how he used to work at Under Armour.

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