The 10 Biggest Bombs of the Year

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Forbes just released their list of the year's 10 biggest flops (defining loss here as a percentage of budget, rather than total loss), which you can see below.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Vince Gains A Modicum Of Legitimacy

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Obviously, the big news in DVD land this week is the release of The FP.


'It was a fake dick' – The David Wain Interview

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Whether you know him as that dude from The State, that dude from Stella, the director of Wet, Hot, American Summer and Role Models, the guy who played Rabbi Jewy McJewJew in Children's Hospital (which he also writes and co-exec produces), or as the director and co-writer (with the brilliant Ken Marino) of Wanderlust, chances are you've probably laughed at something David Wain has created.


Weekend Movie Guide: Paul Rudd Is Swell

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Opening Everywhere: Wanderlust, Act of Valor, Gone, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds FilmDrunk Suggests: Um, hello.


David Wain Is Good At Drawing And At Reddit AMAs


David Wain is the one who isn't Ken Marino, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, or Judd Apatow.


This Week in Posters, Presented by Newsboy Cat

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I know Newsboy Cat here technically isn't a movie poster, or even movie related, per se, I just thought he'd be more fun to have on the first slide of this post than Will Smith's dumb face in the Men in Black 3 poster.


Is Wanderlust a Paul Rudd/David Wain movie or a Jennifer Aniston movie?

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After the jump, I've got the red-band trailer for Wanderlust, a film that presents an interesting dilemma.


This Week in Posters

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS: This week in posters, Titans will wrath, Halle Barry's bewbs thwart a shark attack, Paul Rudd parties in a sunflower field, Nic Cage looks as bored as you've ever seen him, and we learn that not even indie films can resist the sweet, sweet lure of pointlessly diagonal horizon lines.


Apatow producing Paul Rudd script

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I was looking for any excuse to post the "Paul Rudd's Computer" Tim & Eric video (attached below), and now I have it.

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