Laser Cat Yearbook Kid Compromises, But For A Good Cause


Now that a compromise has been reached, we're wondering if the cat got a raw deal.


This Teen’s Plea For His Yearbook To Let Him Use This Ridiculous Cat Photo Has Officially Blown Up The Internet

By | 10 Comments

Won't someone please see reason and let this poor misguided high school kid use this cat portrait as his yearbook photo?

steve buscemi

Steve Buscemi’s Creepy Elementary School Yearbook Photo Is A Thing To Behold

By | 24 Comments

Steve Buscemi's 6th grade yearbook photo is unmistakably Steve Buscemi.


Chris Pratt’s Old Yearbook Photos Reveal Everything We’d Expect From Star-Lord

By | 15 Comments

In case you had any doubts about his charming authenticity, Chris Pratt was apparently quite the cutup in high school.

#game of thrones

Peter Dinklage’s Yearbook Photo Is A Be-Mulleted Masterpiece

By | 12 Comments

Prepare to gaze upon mullet greatness. It's Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo.


Can You Spot Patton Oswalt In This Adorably Geeky Yearbook Photo?

By | 7 Comments

Patton Oswalt has proven time and time that he's been geeky since birth, but now we have visual proof!

#Iron Man

South Korea’s High School Students Take The Best Yearbook Photos In The World

By | 7 Comments

The students at Jeonju Haesung High School in South Korea look like they had a blast coming up with their yearbook photos.


It’s Impossible To Not Pick Out Rob Ford In His Middle School Class Photo


Those of you who identified Young Tommy from Tommy Boy also receive points.


This Collection Of Rock Star Yearbook Photos Is A Nice Reminder Even Ugly Dudes Can Be Rock Stars

By | 16 Comments

Succinct visual confirmation of what we already knew: any ugly dude can become a rock star.


Bryan Cranston Was In His High School’s Chemistry Club And Here’s The Yearbook Photo To Prove It

By | 5 Comments

What did Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston look like as a young man? This yearbook photo and hemorrhoid cream commercial provide a glimpse.


Meet The Stylish Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit In His Yearbook Photo For 40 Years

By | 6 Comments

Teacher Dale Irby was a (yearbook) fashion icon for over four decades.


Introducing The Internet’s Class Of 2013 Yearbook MVPs

By | 25 Comments

The best the Class of 2013 had to offer in the form of typos, secret messages, group efforts, pop culture references, and killer burns.


This Girl’s Yearbook Quote Is Cooler Than Yours Will Ever Be

By | 8 Comments

Give it up, people trying to come up with memorable yearbook quotes. You'll never top this one.


Aaron Paul’s Yearbook Feature Reveals He Was A ‘Wild, Crazy’ Rollerblader And Basketball Spinning Champion

By | 4 Comments

We already know a lot about Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. But today we know a helluva lot more.


Teenager Arrested For Changing Classmate’s Last Name In Yearbook To ‘Masturbate’

By | 7 Comments

A 17-year old high school girl in Columbia, Missouri was arrested after she changed her classmate's last name in the yearbook to 'Masturbate'.


Amy Poehler And Conan Compared Yearbook Photos And How To Properly Swear At Babies

By | 8 Comments

The lovely Amy Poehler dropped by Conan last night and was her usual fun and charming self.

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