Charles Barkley Explained Why He Hates ‘Stick To Sports’ Idiots On Social Media

05.14.17 11 months ago 6 Comments


Charles Barkley’s new show American Race on TNT has been met with mixed reviews as Barkley tries to explore the complicated issues of racism and race relations in the United States. Much of the concern expressed about the show has been directed towards Barkley being the choice to host.

The outspoken NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst is known for bing boisterous and having opinions, but not for being the most tactful or having a deft touch when it comes to discussing sensitive topics (a recent example being Isaiah Thomas playing after the death of his sister). Barkley and the Inside The NBA crew have long been willing to speak on political or societal issues that go beyond basketball, but American Race takes the framework of sports away and asks Barkley to do things like sit down with white nationalist Richard Spencer among other things.

Barkley was a recent guest on “The Seth Davis Podcast” to talk about his show and what people can expect from it. At one point, Davis begins to speak on the complicated relationship sports fans have with sports personalities who choose to use their platform to speak out on things not related to sports, and Barkley quickly took the opportunity to call out “idiots” on social media and explain why he thinks the “stick to sports” crowd is ridiculous.

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