ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Explained Why The Wolves Aren’t Going To Trade Karl-Anthony Towns

05.22.18 11 months ago

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Uneasy player-coach relationships in the NBA are nothing new. And though some of them prove untenable in the long run, that certainly isn’t a hard and fast rule. Plenty of these less-than-ideal pairings have been able to overcome their differences and find success.

But the NBA is a star-driven league. And head coaches — even the most decorated and respected among them — don’t enjoy the same cache as they once did. Star players are a commodity, while head coaches are essentially replaceable.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the Minnesota Timberwolves — which have been the subject of rumors this week regarding Karl-Anthony Towns — would prefer to make a coaching and/or management change before they deal away their franchise center. At least that’s what ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski believes would be the more likely outcome in this scenario, via The Russillo Show.

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