1.09.07: 50 Cent Plans to Dominate/ Will Smith Moving to Africa

01.09.07 12 years ago

50 Cent plans to dominate and put G-Unit On top Again. Link

Snoop Dogg Preps New TV Show On Gangs. Link

Alicia Keys discusses her inspiration for acting. Link

Will Smith is planning to move to Africa. Link

David Banner, Samuel L. Jackson & Justin Timberlake are set to make a movie called Black Snake Moan. Link

Lil Wayne gets his jaw broken while on tour. Link

Sony BMG Accused Of Racial Discrimination. Link

Video: Lupe Fiasco – Emperor’s Soundtrack(Short)Link

Hip Hop Weekly goes national. Link

Now Rosie O’Donell & Barbara Walters Beefing. Link

Jason Kidd’s marriage is looking a mess, he claims his wife beats on his kids, and she claims he spending a lot of nights in the city. He is claiming abuse, but didn’t he punch her in the mouth? Link

Former Spice Girl Mel B is under police protection from crazy Eddie Murphy fans. Link

Busta goes straight to Jacob the Jeweler aftr getting out of jail. Link

Video: BIZARRE’S WORLD series trailer. Link

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