Diddy Covers The Next XXL, Says He Is, “The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of Hip Hop”

05.17.10 8 years ago 53 Comments


He also looks back at his overall impact on the industry and culture. “I am the champion of hip-hop” Diddy says in the story. “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. We are going to have to deal with those facts. There is nobody that can fuck with me with what I do, which is getting busy. We are going across the board, as an entrepreneur, innovator, motivator. Who was there first? Who traveled to Europe first? The first. The first. The first. The first. I was the first.”
via XXL

Wonder what Jay-z would have to say about this…

When Puff was in that tub spillin Mo’,
I was at my video, Cris’ on the speedboat.
in My Lifetime Nigga, Go Through Your Research,
St. Thomas My Nigga, That Was Me First

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