Drake’s Dad Revealed The Nervous Tic His Son Has That Drives Him Crazy

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With Father’s Day just past, hip-hop podcasters Eric and Jeff Rosenthal wanted to interview one of the most high-profile hip-hop dads around for their latest episode of Wasting Time With ItsTheReal and fortunately, Dennis Graham was willing to oblige. Drake’s dad is one of the most recognizable fathers associated with the rap game thanks to Drake’s shout-outs, music videos, acceptance speeches, and Whiskey commercials — not to mention, his own, eye-catching interviews — but in true “Dad” form, was more than willing to dish a little embarrassing dirt about his pride and joy during his hour-long conversation with ItsTheReal. In detailing some of the aspects of Drake’s early rise to stardom, he revealed a particular nervous tic his son had that drove him crazy.

“He had a thing he used to do that used to bug me,” Dennis joked. “Not as a performer, but as an actor. His nervous spot was wiping his mouth.” He says the habit made Drake easy to read, but he would wait until Drake was done filming before saying anything. “I’d tell him when we got home, ‘You gotta stop wiping your mouth all the time, that’s a sign of nervousness.'” It doesn’t seem like Drake’s completely rid himself of the habit either; if you pay close attention during his awards speeches, there are times he will absolutely still put his hand to his face… even though he’s already a huge star with one of the most loyal followings in the music business today.

Dennis also talked at length about his own time in pursuit of music stardom, his relationship to Drake and Drake’s mom in Toronto, and living next door to Drake today. It’s an overall insightful peek behind the curtain at one of music’s biggest stars from one of the people who knows him the best.