Got a Chance to Listen to the New Fat Joe Album

10.03.06 11 years ago

I attended Fat Joe’s listening session for his new album, “Me, Myself and I.” The CD will be Joe’s seventh album and is set to release November 14th. The album features major guest such as, The Game and Lil Wayne. Production for the album was provided by Scott Scorch, DJ Khaled, The Runners and NuJersey Devil. This will be Fat Joe’s first independent album.

I must say Fat Joe is a real cool dude. Came in a little early so it was kind of empty. Fat Joe was across the room, came over and sat next to me. He gets a phone call from, “Scott,” he was telling Joe that he bought a new Bugatti(Car costing over a million dollars, rich bastard). Joey Crack started talking about the Knicks and the hip hop industry. He’s a Knick fan, but when I brought up the Knicks vs the Heat he didn’t know which side to be dedicated to since he has a house in both places. Fat Joe was mad laid back, walking around acknowledging everyone.

Once the album started playing everyone was bobbing their heads. Fat Joe made sure he came correct with the beats for this album. His next single will be a song with Game called, “Breathe and Stop.” The song is fire and is bound to be played over and over in clubs. Joe had shot a video already for, “No Drama,” but it won’t be the next single and will be added as a bonus to the CD. I was feeling a lot of the tracks and didn’t feel any of the songs were trash. He has a song dedicated to his mother which is a nice chance of pace. I would upload clips but I don’t feel like getting sued.

As the music played Fat Joe was vibing to it and looked around to see the reaction from the crowd. Everyone was feeling the album and enjoyed themselves. Later Fat Joe asked me what I thought of the album, I told him it was hot and had a great collection of beats. Of course I didn’t have a chance to sit down and really listen to every track, but from what I heard I feel this album is going to be worth a purchase.

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