A New ‘Kanye West’ Demo Titled ‘Idk’ Just Randomly Showed Up On Apple Music

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UPDATE: It looks like the song was a hoax all along. The Kanye West fan message board KanyeToThe discovered the below lyrics in a song from another artist: “Idk (iphOnesOng)” by Detroit-based producer BigOmuziq. While Spin reports a source close to Kanye says the song will be taken down, it’s anyone’s guess how BigOmuziq managed to get it on Kanye’s official Apple page in the first place (although, considering the non-complexity of his iPhone password, it couldn’t be too hard to guess his Apple Music one).

Original Story Below:

Somehow, in the middle of designing “Blexit” merch and driving Trump-mania ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections, Kanye West found time to drop off a mysterious new song to Apple Music — but not enough to explain or promote it. It’s called “IDK (Demo),” and it popped up on his official Apple Music profile a few moments ago. There are no Editor’s Notes and he hasn’t tweeted about it, so maybe this is yet another new thing he’s trying with regard to capturing the public’s attention.

As far as his most recent output goes, it’s more in line with some of his Pablo releases: Raw, unmixed, and almost tender, with a simple, acoustic piano loop and straightforward, sung lyrics. The singer is so far unidentified, but it’s definitely not Kanye, with lyrics that verge on romantic, looping over and over with the same refrain:

It shows on your face
You don’t play that game
You guard your heart, and I dont blame your ways
This world is hard, but I know we all gon’ change
Cause it’s lonely awake

It might be an early release from his upcoming Yandhi album, which was promised a November 23 release date after being delayed to address some new inspiration Kanye said he wanted to get during a trip to Africa with his family.