Kanye West Speaks About His Upcoming Tour

04.03.08 10 years ago 8 Comments


I can’t take it anymore. I have 2 show you guys a model of the stage. This is not a regular show. I tell people, hey, this show is gonna be crazy and they say, “I bet it is!”, BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA!  People expect me to come with innovative stuff… I’m sure a lot of people expect some neon, lower east side, post everybody dressing like the 80’s stuff or maybe the light up jacket from the Grammies, perhaps the robot girl and light spectacle  they saw on Youtube from the European run.  My friends….. NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!  AN ENTIRELY NEW DESIGNED SET!!! ROBOT DESIGNED BY ACCLAIMED ARTIST CHRISTIAN COLON, CREATURE’S BY THE LEGENDARY JIM HENSON’S CREATURE SHOP, LIGHTING BY MARTIN PHILLIPS AND JOHN McGUIRE RESPONSIBLE FOR LAST YEARS FESTIVAL ANNIHILATOR, DAFT PUNK’S  PYRAMID, POSSIBLY THE GREATEST LIGHT SHOW OF ALL TIME!!

Source: Kanye Blog

Damn I’m going to have to spend mad bread now because ticket prices are crazy.

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