Lil Nas X And John Mayer Performed An Acoustic Version Of ‘Old Town Road’ And It’s So Much Fun

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Aside from his music, one of John Mayer’s primary creative focuses at the moment is Current Mood, his live Instagram web talk show. He has a lot of fun on the program and usually gets some pretty great guests, like when he recently threw his own Vanity Fair Oscars party in his house, a charade that was really convincing. On an episode of the show from over the weekend, Mayer had perhaps his most viral guest ever: Lil Nas X. During the appearance, Mayer managed to leave his mark on the “Old Town Road” movement by teaming up with Lil Nas X for an acoustic version of the song.

For the impromptu rendition of the song, the pair played it pretty straightforward, with Lil Nas X on vocals and Mayer on guitar. They were really flying by the seat of their pants on this, as they determined that Lil Nas X should perform the Billy Ray Cyrus verse right before it happened, but like the original, the acoustic version is a joyous time.

This was one of very few times that Lil Nas X has ever performed live, as he recently made his live debut at the Stagecoach festival alongside Cyrus and Diplo.

Watch Lil Nas X and Mayer perform “Old Town Road” above.