Random News: Did Diddy Do It?, AOL Notorious BIG Tribute, Kanye West Denies $3900 Meal

03.06.07 11 years ago 4 Comments

Gillie Da Kid – Number 1 (Props Onsmash)

Diddy says he didn’t commit assault on a guy suing him. The guy claims Diddy said, “I’ll smack flames out your ass!” Link

Kanye West denies the $3,900 meal. Link

AOL has a few specials for Notorious BIG: Video Tribute, Lyrics Quiz, CD Listening Party

New Era: Hip-Hop in the Hall. Link

Kanye West to head major Hip-Hop event in Malaysia. Link

Video: Roots tribute to Bono. Link

5 minute clip of the new movie 300. Link

Joss Stone feat. Common on AOL music sessions. Link

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