The Clipse’s Former Manager Gets 32 Years In Prison

01.12.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

Anthony Gonzalez, former manager of the rap duo Clipse, was sentenced Monday to 32 years in prison after admitting his role as the leader of a $20 million drug ring. Gonzalez, who goes by “Tony” or “Geezy,” received the minimum sentence under federal guidelines, based in part on his cooperation with the government, a relatively minor criminal record and a swell of family and community support.

Prosecutors said that in a five-year period, Gonzalez was responsible for distributing more than a half-ton of cocaine, a ton of marijuana and hundreds of pounds of heroin throughout the region. Authorities initially had estimated Gonzalez’s drug operation as having a gross worth of $10 million but now say that figure should be doubled.

Source: Hampton Roads

It’s crazy to think how much these operations make, sad these minds werern’t used in a legal hustle…

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