Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Loves The Weird Idea Of Collaborating With An Oddball Comedy Favorite

Through the years, Bon Iver and/or leader Justin Vernon have collaborated with so many people, a list that includes diverse acts like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Travis Scott, and The National. Now, though, he has been presented with the idea of a joint effort with somebody from entirely outside of the music world and it sounds like he’s in.

Today, seemingly out of nowhere, Jagjaguwar (Bon Iver’s label) tweeted, “joe pera bon iver collab please.” Justin Vernon was clearly intrigued by the concept, as he replied from his personal account, “Uh , YEAH.”

Joe Pera, of course, is the comedian and actor best known for his calm, normcore demeanor and endeavors like his (sadly) recently canceled Adult Swim show Joe Pera Talks With You. (He’s also apparently going to be the new James Bond, but that’s probably not true.)

Pera doesn’t seem to have any musical background, at least not on a professional level, but the fictionalized version of himself from Talks With You is a choir teacher, so that’s something. Also worth noting is that one of the show’s most iconic episodes, “Joe Pera Reads You The Church Announcements,” is all about him hearing The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” for the first time and developing an obsession over the song.

So, what would a Bon Iver and Pera collaboration look like? Hard to say. Maybe Vernon will get Pera to narrate an album like Jim Carrey did on The Weeknd’s Dawn FM? Maybe Pera directs a Bon Iver concert special called Bon Iver Sings With You? Whatever comes of this, let’s hope it fares better than Joe Pera Talks With You and doesn’t get axed too soon.